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Pastry workshops in the kitchen: the 10 commandments

Pastry workshops in the kitchen: the 10 commandments

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Holidays are often an opportunity to take time to cook without stress. So with or without the children, it's time to indulge in morning or afternoon "pastry" that will delight the whole family. Here is a small summary of the accessories you need, chosen in pastel or flashy colors, in decorative and stylized models, enough to make these gourmet workshops fun, fresh and light ... like summer.

2: Draw the ingredients in pretty metal boxes

Geneviève Lethu ### Flour, sugar, yeast, cocoa ... These are some essentials in the kitchen when we dedicate ourselves to the preparation of cakes. But rather than keeping them in their original packaging, we prefer to preciously keep them in decorative boxes.

3: Weigh them using a retro balance

Geneviève Lethu ### The next step? Weigh the necessary ingredients using a nice balance. Favorite for retro models, just chewable.

4: Mix them in acidic salad bowls

Fly ### We then mix everything in a salad bowl, preferably a colored version, more in keeping with the summer season and more whimsical!

5: Beat the eggs in a beautiful robot

KitchenAid ### Indispensable allies in pastry sales, robots are becoming more and more beautiful. Here is the best example, an electric blue KitchenAid, maxi design! Beating eggs has never been so chic.

6: Bake the cupcakes on the latest generation baking trays

KitchenAid ### Cooking step! We spread the cupcakes, macaroons and company, on designer baking sheets. And it's even better when the oven accepts 3 at once!

7: Bake large cakes in pretty cake pans

Truffaut ### For larger cakes, they are baked in a nice mold - special pie, charlotte or other.

8: Place the madeleines and cupcakes in boxes

Geneviève Lethu ### Back on miniature pastries, madeleines or cupcakes. Once ready to be tasted, they are staged in boxes, because the pleasure of the eyes comes before that of the taste buds.

9: Place the other delicacies on cake stands

Ikéa ### Soft chocolate, clafoutis or crumble, whatever your homemade dessert, we present it, too, with elegance. To you the high cake displays…

10: Serve the rest on a flashy tray

Truffaut ###… and the kitchen trays! Chosen in a colorful version like summer, they can only draw the eye to your sweet composition.