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Truffaut: 10 new favorites for the garden

Truffaut: 10 new favorites for the garden

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This year again, Truffaut has competed in imagination to give life to practical, fun and colorful novelties: tealight holders, lanterns, planters, pots, pop furniture, baskets, pruning shears, carpets and even mini-vegetable gardens… In short, garden decor accessories for all tastes and styles! Let yourself be guided and inspired by our selection.

"Fantasy" furniture

Truffaut How can you not fall for this colorful metal furniture? Made of aluminum, and composed of a high table and three chairs, available in green, red and yellow; this garden furniture (or balcony) will bring the touch of pep that your outdoor decor lacked. High table: 159 euros High chair: 105 euros

Tie & Dye woven basket

Truffaut And to make room in your garden space, opt for these pretty woven baskets, raw color, enhanced with touches of blue, in a Tie & Dye effect, ultra trendy. Braided baskets: three sizes to choose from, from 7.25 euros

Pop-colored secateurs

Truffaut Perfect for pruning, as well as for the maintenance of your plants, these are secateurs with an elegant design and pop colors: pink, orange, green and blue. All you have to do is choose yours! Clarity secateurs: 24.90 euros

Two-color planters

Truffaut Truly perfect for giving a modern touch to your garden, terrace or balcony, these two-tone, rectangular or square terracotta planters are particularly attractive to us. Not you ? Terra planters: the large model 9.50 euros, and the small square model, 4.99 euros

Colorful lanterns

Truffaut Available in subtle colors, burgundy, mint and lime green, the Sarah metal lanterns will diffuse a pleasant dim light in your garden, and will brighten up the decor of your terrace. Sarah lantern: 7.95 euros

"Graphic" candle holders

Truffaut Here are three tealight holders which bear their name very well: Graphic. Made of porcelain, we love their geometric design and their Scandinavian side. Something to light up your table in style this summer. Graphic tealight holders: € 3.99

An indoor mini vegetable garden

Truffaut And if you are not lucky enough to own a garden, don't worry, adopt this ultra-designer mini indoor vegetable garden. Available in white, gray, black and yellow, and offering a capacity of one liter, Génie will grow your aromatic plants and other mini-tomato plants, like a big one! Genie mini-vegetable garden: 99.90 euros

Pots, yes, but maximum size

Truffaut What could be better to decorate your garden or terrace than beautiful flower pots, maximum size? Whether you like pop colors or more sober colors, putty, white, gray blue or slate; you will surely find your happiness here! Left: Elegance pot, in plastic, from € 136.25

Cotton rugs

Truffaut And to sublimate the transition from your interior to your outdoor space, like us, fall for these cotton rugs, available in summer colors as desired: yellow, blue or green. Cotton carpet: 19.50 euros