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The strip of paint that wakes up the wall

The strip of paint that wakes up the wall

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Too classic, too ordinary, not stylized enough ... Even if this wall is not ugly, it lacks a je-ne-sais-quoi. What if you paint a strip of color on it? Astonishing as simple gestures energize the decor with subtlety. Demonstration in pictures.

Ground level

Castorama ### In the corridor, a red stripe shaves the walls a few centimeters from the ground. It's the little stylized note that changes the game!

Rule of 3

Castorama ### At the intersection of two walls, in a corner of the dining room, 3 strips of flashy yellow paint intersect in beauty. Graphic and artistic.

Color and words

Leroy Merlin ### To highlight decorative letters, nothing like a color note highlighted on the wall, from a strip of paint for example. An idea to decline for the staging of frames or paintings!

White background

Leroy Merlin ### Stop with all white walls! It's time to invite color into your home. However, it is not necessary to repaint everything: a simple colored strip (khaki here), deployed at mid-height, is enough to give it in the living room and give it personality.

Extra fine

Paragraph ### An extra fine neon green line falling from top to bottom on the wall, subtly accentuates the pop and trendy style of this small bathroom.

Extra large

Leroy Merlin ### The double decorative strip when it comes to repainting an entire door and its extension for a daring / offbeat rendering.


Leroy Merlin ### In the entrance, a gray strip runs down the wall from one end to the other, halfway up, as if to create a small underbody effect.