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Bathroom furniture that doesn't look like it

Bathroom furniture that doesn't look like it

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Bathroom furniture has been given a facelift to the delight of our decor. Today they take the form and materials of the kitchen sideboards, the living room shelves or the bedroom dressers. Focus on 10 bathroom furniture that doesn't look like it.

Avant-garde style

Porcelanosa If you want to make your bathroom a real designer piece of the most original, bet on these furniture with a very surprising appearance. To break the very contemporary side, you can choose a wall and a raw floor in gray tones.

Industrial buffet

Maisons du Monde We perfectly imagine this metal sideboard in an industrial style living room and yet it is indeed in the bathroom that we dare to install it. To accompany it, we play on a glass and metal display case as well as on a cowhide rug.

An unusual towel dryer

Archiproducts The towel dryer also changes style by adopting a very contemporary look. This "snake" model, once hung on the wall, becomes a real decorative element that does not go unnoticed.

Mirror effect

Ikéa Ideal for giving an impression of grandeur to a small room, this piece of furniture covered with mirrors hides its play well. It also saves space since it mixes mirror on the wall and practical storage.

In the countryside

Maisons du Monde Make it original with this wooden shutter style furniture that creates a cozy and warm atmosphere in the bathroom. Combine it with two large trumeau metal mirrors that complete the romantic and feminine decor.

Work of art

Porcelanosa Bathroom furniture is becoming a work of art today. Once attached to the wall, the mirror, the basin and the storage unit form a very modern and completely unusual whale.

Metal wood

Paragraph You might think these pieces of furniture diverted from their primary function, but they are nevertheless well designed for the bathroom. The wood metal style works perfectly in this room, so we do not hesitate to adopt it in total look.

Part of Tetris

Porcelanosa To give a playful and design side to your bathroom, adopt this furniture that looks like pieces of the Tetris game ready to fit together. Their gray and white side brings a lot of elegance to the whole.

Wooden sideboard

Maisons du Monde Create an authentic and charming atmosphere in the bathroom with this wooden piece of furniture that looks like a small sideboard. Consider adding large wicker baskets in the decor to accentuate the family home style.