Recreate a bistro dining room at home

Recreate a bistro dining room at home

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Do you like the bistro style and its slightly retro warm atmosphere? Know then that this style is ideal in a dining room, room of conviviality par excellence. We therefore offer you our shopping list to create a bistro style at home.

Shopping list: a brick wallpaper

Koziel To give a traditional atmosphere to your room and give it an air "in its own juice", we put on a brick effect wallpaper. For more style, avoid the total look and line only one wall.

Shopping list: a bistro table

Maisons du monde In the dining room, the choice of the table is important. We choose a model that we could find in a cafe or in a brewery with a wooden tray and a metal base.

Shopping list: an industrial suspension

La Redoute To perfect the rather raw decor of the dining room, there is an industrial-inspired pendant light above the table, a metal model that will blend perfectly into the atmosphere of the room.

Shopping list: a wooden screen

Maisons du monde In bistros, it is often a large screen that hides access to the kitchen. In your dining room, install a beautiful model against a wall if your room is closed and if it opens onto the kitchen place it in front.

Shopping list: a metal clock

Maisons du monde To kick off the noon shot, there is nothing like a clock that adorns a good part of the wall thanks to its beautiful size. We adopt a model that seems to have survived the centuries.

Shopping list: a slate

Reine Mère In the bistros and brasseries, the menu is directly displayed on the slates. At home, we adopt a slate on the wall to write down the shopping list or the daily menu.

Shopping list: a checkered tablecloth

La Redoute For a bistro atmosphere worthy of the name, we adopt a tablecloth typical of the French tradition. In red and white, it's even better!

Shopping list: a pepper mill

Peugeot To accessorize your checkered tablecloth, install the famous Peugeot salt and pepper mills on your table. We then opt for the traditional wooden models which rightly bear the name of bistro.

Shopping list: baskets for bread

Becquet It is impossible to have a meal without bread in a bistro. To present it, we imitate the servers and place it in a small basket.


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