The Henriette Hotel, the new bohemian Parisian address

The Henriette Hotel, the new bohemian Parisian address

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It is a stone's throw from the Mouffetard district that the Henriette Hotel with its broc'n'roll decor has just opened its doors. Imagined by the decorator Vanessa Scoffier, the atmosphere of the place is like a large family home where everyone has their own space. On the program: 32 unique rooms in which mottled furniture and pastel and flashy colors coexist happily. Visit in pictures.

A vintage patio

Hervé Goluza Once the glass roof has passed, welcome to the patio where a pleasant retro atmosphere prevails. Cozy and full of charm with its wrought iron furniture, we want to settle there for a little tea break.

A dining room where sweetness reigns

Hervé Goluza In the dining room of the Hôtel Henriette, it's hard not to feel like in a cocoon. The deep blue wall perfectly highlights the Scandinavian-inspired furniture and the little mottled touches (vases and medicine jars) complete the decor.

OSB headboard

Hervé Goluza Very popular for several months, the OSB invites itself to Henriette's home in the form of a headboard. Ideal for bringing a natural touch without spending a fortune.

A lounge area that leaves you alone

Hervé Goluza Design armchairs, Berber carpets, flashy paint, natural cushions, this small seating area arranged in one of the rooms of the Hotel Henriette, makes us travel very smoothly.

A retro bathroom

Hervé Goluza Cement tiles on the floor and antique barber mirror give this bathroom a decidedly retro look. As for the white tiles on the wall, it allows you to visually enlarge this room which does not collapse under the square meters.

Jungle trend

Hervé Goluza With this choice of water green on the wall and tropical wallpaper, this small room surfs on the jungle trend.

Pastel colors

Hervé Goluza OSB plaque, graphic painting, pastel colors and vintage furniture give this room a most soothing atmosphere.

An original headboard

Hervé Goluza To give an extra touch of charm to this room, a double door repainted in blue has been installed as a headboard. Authentic and original, we keep the idea!

Sporty atmosphere

Hervé Goluza The gymnastics mattress from the 50s placed at the head of the bed and the rope lamps by Thomas Eyck remind us (with nostalgia) of school sports lessons… Not you?