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20 DIY for a birthday on the circus theme

20 DIY for a birthday on the circus theme

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This year, originality prevails for your child's birthday afternoon with a theme halfway between the funfair and the circus. Ferris wheel, learned animals, capitals and other numbers come together in the form of original homemade creations. A quick overview.

A pocket marquee

A Beautiful Day For the little guests to leave with a surprise for your child's birthday party, make small marquee-shaped boxes in which you can put some candy. Download the template, then follow the instructions carefully. * Source: Un Beau Jour *

A ticket office

The Busy Budgeting Mama To play the circus performance game to the end, set up in front of the house a small, colorful ticket office made of large pieces of cardboard. Your little one will be able to welcome its guests as it should be! * Source: The Busy Budgeting Mama *

A big circus wheel

Morello cherries A little patience and a lot of equipment will be needed to make this incredible cardboard big wheel! A little tour in the kitchen will also be necessary in order to concoct the small biscuit nacelles. * Source: Morello cherries *

Party hats

Confetti Sunshine To make your animal-shaped toys also fun, make little colored cardboard hats for them. Add a small pompom and stick them on their head. * Source: Confetti Sunshine *

Cardboard jars for candy

Tiny Me No way to put the candies in simple salad bowls! Print these boxes with circus animals and fill them with marshmallows and popcorn. * Source: Tiny Me *

A funny photobooth

CatchMyParty If you have drawing skills, you can perfectly make this funny photobooth on the circus theme yourself. To your brushes! * Source: CatchMyParty *

A circus ticket

My Little Day If you want to make a birthday invitation in the circus theme, you do not need to print this entry ticket on which all the information can be noted. Original, right? * Source: My Little Day *

A goldfish

Love Sissy Surely you have memories of the fairgrounds from your childhood when you tried to win goldfish? We do, and we love the idea of ​​reproducing it at home with this animation! * Source: Love Sissy *

Funny straws

Moodkids Want to give an original look to your straws? How about adding a Pinocchio head to them? Nothing could be simpler, just print them out and cut them out! * Source: Moodkids *

Animals in full number

Moodkids A bear that hoops, an elephant that plays the balancing act on a balloon, print all these little animals doing their number on cardboard and stick them on wooden sticks. You just have to plant them on the cakes and other delicacies of the party. * Source: Moodkids *

A banner of pennants

Lil Blue Boo To decorate your cake, you can also print and hang this garland of pennants in circus colors! Two straws and some twine will also be necessary to assemble the whole. * Source: Lil Blue Boo *

A circus badge

My Little Day Print your badges on white paper, stick them on card stock and cut out. Finally, form a circle of crepe paper around the badge and assemble. * Source: My Little Day *

Cupcake toppers

Sunshine Shabby To make your cupcakes also part of the party, print small marquees for your toppers. Nice, right? * Source: Sunshine Shabby *

A cardboard circus train

Mer Mag To make this little circus train, cover colored boxes with tea boxes, add wheels cut from cardboard, add a string to tie each of the wagons and the locomotive. Your kids will love it! * Source: Mer Mag *

Circus themed jars

A Housefull of Sunshine Stick circus animals such as elephants, tigers or even horses on jar lids and bomb the whole. Drop some candies, close, and offer the result to the little guests. * Source: A Housefull of Sunshine *

A nice carousel

Oh Happy Day The editorial staff fell in love with this carousel inspired by the funfair circus. To achieve this, we advise you to take a detailed look at the tutorial! * Source: Oh Happy Day *

A funny party photo

H2 photography A tattooed woman, a strong man, all drawn on large cardboard to make funny photos… it does not take more to create an original animation around the circus for a birthday party. * Source: Apartment Therapy *

A strong man dumbbell

While Wearing Heels In the circus performances of yesteryear, "strongman" acts were most frequent. So do not hesitate to make a dumbbell using rubber balls, newspaper and paint for your children's party. * Source: While Wearing Heels *

A ferris wheel in pastel colors

La Maison de Loulou Cardboard, paint, glue, a cutter, a ruler, small characters, we will have to equip ourselves before embarking on the creation of this big pastel wheel. * Source: La Maison de Loulou *


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