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Maisons du Monde: the editor's 10 Christmas favorites!

Maisons du Monde: the editor's 10 Christmas favorites!

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The Christmas collection has arrived at Maisons du Monde! Decoration to hang in your tree, delicate dishes for warm party tables, tinsel to unroll everywhere at home… You will not know where to turn… Fortunately, is there and offers a selection of 10 irresistible products!

"We wish you a Merry Christmas"

Maisons du Monde What if we wished our guests a merry Christmas from the front door? By hanging this very pretty light door crown for example! Light door crown in metal Merry Xmas, 19.99 euros

Party table chalet atmosphere

Maisons du Monde We love these plates with deer heads! Elegant porcelain and golden details. White porcelain plate with deer print, set of 2, € 13.98

Christmas tealight holder

Maisons du Monde Pretty little gold candle holders with peas to place on your festive table and everywhere at home. They are so pretty that you can leave them even after the holidays are over. Tealight lantern in glass and gold metal, Little Dots, 9.99 euros

Irresistible Christmas mugs

Maisons du Monde A fox mug curled up, a proud mug forest deer ... Enough to make a Christmas snack worthy of the name with a good hot chocolate flavored with cinnamon! White porcelain deer mug, Fox, set of 2, € 9.98

A pineapple Christmas wreath!

Maisons du Monde This pineapple light garland will give an immediate festive air to your tree! In a glass jar or under a bell, it will be a centerpiece that will attract all eyes. Metal pineapple light garland L135, € 14.99

Chic plates

Maisons du Monde Large ivory-colored earthenware plates, with a sleek and very chic design. Exactly what you need for your party table! Ivory earthenware dinner plate D 27 cm, Helsinki, set of 6, 35.94 euros

The Christmas balls you need

Maisons du Monde Traditional Christmas spirit revisited for these very elegant balls! We really like it. Glass Christmas ball 9 cm, Xmas, set of 4, € 19.96

Wooden fir

Maisons du Monde Clean design for this pretty wooden tree that will brighten up your interior… Decorative tree in natural wood H 30 cm, 6.99 euros

Design christmas tree

Maisons du Monde An alternative Christmas tree that we really like! Very elegant metal structure that will nicely accommodate your favorite Christmas balls. And this tree will not lose any thorn! Golden metal Christmas tree H 95 cm, Modern Copper, € 16.99