How to store your sports gear at home?

How to store your sports gear at home?

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Tennis rackets, balls, bicycle helmets, riding bombs, rollerblades, skates, yoga, gym, sneakers… So many things that can quickly clutter your living space and make you lose precious square meters. So to help you tidy up your sports gear in style, and make room for it, here are 10 decor ideas. Guaranteed inspiration!

Store everything in metal baskets

The Land of Nod Very practical, these large metal baskets allow you to make room. Once slipped into the entrance, instead of an umbrella stand, for example, they will quickly be forgotten. Source: The Land of Nod

Attach a decorative shelf to organize everything

I Heart of Organizing To organize your sporting goods in style, after exercise, nothing could be simpler! Follow the advice given by Jennifer Jones on her blog, and learn how to fix a decorative shelf on the wall of your space reserved for sport. Source: I Heart of Organizing

Opt for mesh shelves in your children's room

Pottery Barn Kids Solution as decorative as it is functional, these mesh shelves accommodate balloons of all kinds and save space, in style. They can also be used as storage for your children's toys. Source: Pottery Barn Kids

Make everything disappear in boxes and canvas bags

Ikea Everything must disappear! Hidden in boxes, as if stored in large canvas bags, your children's balloons and other rackets will disappear, as if by magic! Source: Ikea

Bring decorative storage made of wooden pallets to life

Clean and Scentsible It only takes a few things to give life to a fun and decorative storage space: a wooden palette and a little idea. The proof with this very easy to do Do It Yourself, found on the blog Clean and Scentsible. Source: Clean and Scentsible

Install balloon hooks

Ball Claw Adapted to all types of balls - rugby ball, soccer ball or basketball - these hooks offer a unique and very functional storage solution, to install in the garage, as in the room of your sportsmen. Source: Ball Claw

Attach decorative wall hooks

Ikea In your children's room, opt for colorful wall hooks, and hang their sneakers, snowshoes and other sports clothes on them. And let the skates and balls fit into the decor. In short, make their sporting goods, decorative accessories in their own right. Source: Ikea

Create a multifunctional storage space

Clean and Scentsible In the garage, carry out a Do It Yourself and thus set up a multifunctional storage space, capable of accommodating the different helmets of the family, anti-theft devices, balloons ... Source: Clean and Scentsible

Create wall shelves

Lowe's At home, give life to a real storage space dedicated to your favorite sport. Install some shelves on the wall, complete with wicker and fabric baskets, and voila! Source: Lowe's


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