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Sport at home design version

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Rower, elliptical trainer, treadmill, multi-function weight machine, punching bag or indoor skateboard, browse our selection of objects with an amazing aesthetic, and let yourself be seduced by accessories that rhyme sport and design .

An elliptical trainer with a clean design

Techno Gym Designed by Antonio Citterio, for the Techno Gym brand, this elliptical trainer offers a sleek design, coupled with innovative features. Very comfortable in a contemporary interior, this elliptical trainer will allow you to combine sport, comfort and design. Techno Gym

An interactive and futuristic treadmill

Smart Treadmill Voyager Imagined by the Korean designer Il-Seop Yoon, the "Smart Treadmill Voyager" is a concept of treadmill, a bit futuristic. Equipped with a large screen, coupled with a motion detection system, this treadmill offers a combination of jogging and video games. How? 'Or' What ? By offering virtual races, around the world, and challenges in networking with your friends. Innovative, right? Smart Treadmill Voyager

An innovative exercise bike

Ciclotte A clever mix of carbon, steel and fiberglass, Ciclotte revolutionizes the traditional concept of the exercise bike. Designed by Luca Schieppati, a young Milanese designer, Ciclotte embodies a real novelty thanks to a so-called "epicyclic" transmission system. Composed of a single wheel, it is easily related to an art object. Ciclotte

A multifunctional design object dedicated to well-being

Techno Gym Multifunction, this fitness device allows you to perform 200 gentle gymnastic exercises, at home, at your own pace. Handcrafted in Italy and dressed in full grain leather, this is the designer sports accessory that was missing from your interior. Techno Gym

A wooden rower dressed in wood

Water Rower Made of solid ash, to guarantee better stability, and handmade, this water rower offers great seating comfort, coupled with a natural aesthetic, fitting perfectly into an interior in Scandinavian style. Water rower

A weight machine combining chrome and leather

Techno Gym In addition to features worthy of a professional device, this weight bench offers an elegant design, characterized by a subtle combination of chrome and leather. Something to sculpt a dream body, plus style! Techno Gym

An indoor skateboard

Fluidstance Make way for movement with "The Level". This hybrid product, between surfboard, skateboard and fitness ball, allows you to stimulate the natural movement of your body. So, at home, like at work, forget the chair and make room for indoor skateboarding! Fluidstance

A design exercise bike with magnetic resistance

Keizer No more exercise bikes with old-fashioned, old-fashioned looks, all in black plastic and welcome to new generation exercise bikes! Between sleek design and technological innovation, this model of exercise bike with magnetic resistance offers a level of sensations close to reality. It's up to you to test! Keizer

A leather punching bag

Maisons du Monde How can you not fall for this vintage punching leather bag? Something to twist the decor of your living room or give a retro touch to your child's room. Houses of the world


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