40 gift and decoration ideas for our mothers

40 gift and decoration ideas for our mothers

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On May 29, we will not forget to celebrate the most wonderful woman we know and whom we affectionately call Mom. At the editorial office, ideas burst out to find the most original, tender, coolest, in short most perfect, Mother's Day gift. Each of us ended up making our own personal selection that we invite you to discover today. Help us choose!

Amandine's mother's day selection

Dear mom, Here is the list of small gifts full of sweetness that I would like to offer you so that your days will be beautiful and sweet: 1. A poster full of poetry produced by Les papier de Ninon. La Redoute, € 19.90 2. A designer tealight holder for chatty evenings on the balcony… La Redoute, € 31.99 3. A Duo Domoclip ice cream maker with two compartments, for even more sweet moments! Mathon, € 36.54 4. A small, fluffy and ethnic pouffe. Nature et Découvertes, 55 € 5. A cup Your surprise for a soft drink of coffee in the morning. Your Surprise, € 11.95

Anne's mothers day selection

Dear mom, To the nature lover that you are, I would like to offer this year: 1. This very chic photo frame, to frame one of our smiles or an inspiring image. Cyrillus, € 17.90 2. This rolling pin for small shortbreads bursting with poetry. Etsy, € 29.16 3. These little gardening bags to keep your aromatics close at hand, Uaredesing, € 36 4. This suspension to encourage butterflies to never leave your garden. Watering can & Parsley, € 65 5. These airtight glass jars to keep your food loose. Delamaison, € 49.90

Sophie's mother's day selection

Dear mom, We are often told: you and I are made of the same wood! So for Mother's Day, I want to celebrate this bond that has united us for almost twenty-eight years with a few winks: 1. A notebook "Like mother, like daughter?" to retrace our history far beyond the diapers. Mathuvu, € 11.90 2. A tote-bag, "I am a limited edition" because no one is perfect, even for mothers. And it does not matter! Etsy, € 16 3. A Fil-good-creations bag organizer because for you as for me, organization is a problem of every moment. At Little Market, 38 € 4. A Twize tablet cover because you too are co-nnec-ted. Etsy, € 21.65 5. A memory box with all our memories in it, of course! The Avant Gardiste, € 12.95

Marie's mother's day selection

Dear mom, To you who love soft colors, glitter and cookies, I would like to offer: 1. A beautiful pink and golden tea towel "The house of happiness" The Cherry on the Cake x émoi émoi Emoi émoi, 16 € 2. Revol tableware, you can only love their new Color Lab collection. Delamaison, from € 14.90 3. A totally irresistible Silly & Billy clutch. Silly & Billy, € 21 4. A Bloomingville cookie box. Twicy Store, € 28.90 5. A Bergamot bouquet with beautiful peonies. Bergamot, from € 29.90

Khankeo's Mother's Day Selection

Dear mom, This year, I would like to offer you everything you need to unwind and relax outside! 1. Two pretty folding chileans with blue stripes that will be perfect for bubbling in the sun. Lot of two Chilean, Delamaison, € 63.50 2. So that all your worries go away, here are celestial lanterns that will be perfect for sipping cocktails as an aperitif! Cocktail jar, Hema, 3 euros 4. I also want to offer you a kokedama, a vegetable decoration from ancestral Japanese techniques. You can even make it yourself at a workshop of the Factory in Kokedamas! Kokedamas workshop, 35 euros per person 5. And for gardening in style, here is a flowery kit that you will love, I am sure! Gardener's kit with apron, gloves, pruning shears, Fnac, € 27.80

Laudine's mothers day selection

Dear mom, You who feel at home as well as traveling, I would like to offer you: 1. This table to contemplate when you want to escape. Ikea, 99 € 2. These cute terrariums for a touch of exoticism in the house. Urban Outfitters, 25 € each 3. This little paper globe to pin your getaways and plan for the next. Nature and discoveries, € 34.95 4. This cuddly candle for when I'm away. Mr Wonderful, € 14.95 5. This nice aperitif tray to share moments of conviviality. Houses of the world, € 29.99

Fanny's mother's day selection

My little Mamita, You have taught me the taste for beautiful things, and to say thank you for continuing to guide me in life I offer you: 1. A hammock chair so that you can take the time enjoy your favorite hobby, reading. La Redoute, € 93.46 2. And a pretty rabbit in book press to decorate your pretty library. Mathuvu Concept store, € 18 3. A nice jar made of recycled tire, made in Vietnam to organize and decorate your living room fairly. Karawan, 13 € 4. A calendar of seasonal fruits and vegetables to be even better in the kitchen. Papier Tigre, 27 € 5. And finally a "Riot Mum" mug, because you managed to prove to me that in life you could be a mother without forgetting to be a woman! You rock! Etsy, € 13.53