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The same for less: a designer mirror

The same for less: a designer mirror

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We fall for designer models, but we can't always afford them ... What if we bought the same at low prices? Mirror, my beautiful mirror, tell me which one is the cheapest!

Mirror Made in design Editions by Oxyo 495 euros / Lodus La Redoute mirror 32 euros

Made in design - La Redoute Practices, the Mirettes by designer Guillaume Delvigne make both a mirror and a shelf. You can hide all kinds of objects there such as your keys or your makeup if you put it in the hall or the bathroom. We also like the model offered by La Redoute, whose shape is reminiscent of that of a rear view mirror.

Gagà Opinion Ciatti mirror 1575 euros / Bubbles Fly mirror 349 euros

Opinion Ciatti - Fly With these two models, the mirror becomes a decorative object in its own right. You can place it in your living room or bedroom to bring a design and graphic touch to your interior with this multitude of circles. However, we prefer the Fly bubble mirror to save money.

All Saints Kartell mirror 661 euros / Habel La Redoute mirror 60 euros

Kartell - La Redoute The designers Ludovica and Roberto Palomba imagined this pretty mirror for Kartell which is available at La Redoute in witch mirror, with a frame in MDF and white lacquer.

Window mirror - J-Line Pleasure of Living 329 euros / Montfort Maisons du Monde mirror 200 euros

J-Line Pleasure of Living - Maisons du Monde Entirely made of wrought iron for the one and metal for the second, these two mirrors create the illusion of a door leading to the outside. We then play with the trompe-l'oeil by placing it above a piece of furniture or against a wall in the living room.

Francois Ghost Kartell mirror 457 euros / Beijing Maisons du Monde mirror 73 euros

Kartell - Maisons du Monde Here is a colorful, design and elegant mirror which finds its place in all rooms of the house. It can be found at Kartell, but also at Maisons du Monde for small budgets.

Space Invaders Glas Italia mirror 609 euros / Grafik Leroy Merlin mirror 89 euros

Glas Italia - Leroy Merlin We like the shape of these mirrors which reminds us of video game characters or that of a puzzle. You hang it vertically or horizontally as you wish, and why not combine it with other identical mirrors for a surprising composition.

Reflex Leds C4 mirror 252 euros / Neo SENSEA Leroy Merlin mirror 125 euros

LED - Leroy Merlin These two mirrors have the same shape but not the same price ... To be placed in a bathroom, they have built-in lights for more brightness.

Design mirror Mikado 440 euros / Eclats Silver BUT mirror 56 euros

Mikado - But But was inspired by the Mikado model with this superposition of mirrors. It gives a trendy style and design to its interior with ease.

Star System Driade Kosmo mirror € 2,826 / Hemnes Ikea mirror € 90

Driade Kosmo - Ikéa These two standing mirrors, both design and simple, sit on the floor against a wall, hang above a sofa horizontally or vertically near a door. Ikéa is inspired by the model of the Driade Kosmo brand and offers us this mirror to have fun without breaking the bank.


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