The wardrobe seen by Mobalpa

The wardrobe seen by Mobalpa

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For those who do not know it yet, Mobalpa does not only take care of your kitchen and your bathroom but also offers storage for the whole house. And to store your clothes, what could be better than a wardrobe? We therefore invite you to discover 10 models signed Mobalpa.

A dressing room like a wardrobe

Mobalpa If your bedroom has a nice size, you will be able to create a dressing room that will take the form of a large wardrobe with sliding doors that will open onto a long room dedicated to storage. Once closed, the dressing room is discreet.

An open dressing room

Mobalpa When you have a room dedicated to the dressing room, it is not necessarily necessary to opt for closed storage. You can then choose furniture that lets your clothes appear to enhance them.

A dressing room behind the bed

Mobalpa The bed can create a real separation between the bedroom and the dressing room. Behind the partition of the headboard, you can house a dressing room worthy of the name with all the necessary storage for your clothes but also your accessories. An original and practical solution!

A wall-mounted dressing room

Mobalpa In your bedroom, the dressing room can also be installed along one of your walls. You will then opt for sliding doors which will make it disappear when you are not using it.

A dressing room adjoining the bathroom

Mobalpa Sometimes it is quite practical for the dressing room to be attached to the bathroom. You will then use a sliding door that will close the dressing area of ​​the bathroom space so that the clothes do not take moisture.

A separate dressing room

Mobalpa To separate the dressing room from the bedroom, you can opt for a partition when the bedroom has a good size. Opt for a partition part and another with sliding doors for a very decorative effect.

A dressing room that matches the shape of your room

Mobalpa What if the entire surface of your bedroom offered you a dressing area? This is possible with straight cabinets and corner models that adapt to the shape of your room.

An invisible dressing room

Mobalpa To avoid seeing your dressing room, place the cupboards behind your bed using the whole of a wall section. The dressing then disappears in favor of the partition and the bed makes it possible to delimit the spaces.

Children's dressing room

Mobalpa So that children can also benefit from a dressing room, we play the fun card by opting for very colorful doors that fit better into their world. Here the orange doors make a color block style with the pink walls. Enough to tidy up clothes for the little ones!