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Les 3 Suisses: A Fall Winter 2015 collection with multiple faces

Les 3 Suisses: A Fall Winter 2015 collection with multiple faces

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This morning, the editor went to the presentation of the Fall Winter 2015/2016 collection of 3 Suisses. Between baroque influences, seventies impulses, oriental inspirations, arty eccentricity or graphic abstraction ... a collection with multiple faces is emerging, freed from the codes and diktats of decoration. Private tour in pictures!


Aurore Hervé As easy to slip into a living room with a Scandinavian look as in a dining room with a natural atmosphere, these wooden pendant lights will bring the design touch to your room. We crack! Would Edge pendant light, Zuiver: 79 euros

Object of desire

Aurore Hervé Special mention for this elegant, light and handy side table. With its glass plate and fine legs, it will blend perfectly with classic and traditional interiors, as well as contemporary interiors. To adopt urgently! Cupid table, Zuiver: 239 euros

Ethnic chic

Aurore Hervé We are inspired by this exotic and downright eclectic decor in order to reproduce the same with us this Fall and thus bring a touch of happiness to our interiors! Key Wood coffee table, Tikamoon: 275 euros Antique Copper coffee table, Zuiver: 109 euros

Wood and marble, the perfect match!

Aurore Hervé Bright and sculptural, marble enchants design. Combined with the Tikamoon teak armchair, this pretty trompe-l'oeil cushion will warm your interior. A style that we like to adopt both indoors and outdoors! See rather. Key wood armchair, Tikamoon: 295 euros Marble set - duvet cover: 29, 90 euros / Pillowcase: 11, 90 euros

Scandinavian selection

Aurore Hervé This fall-winter again, we can count on the Nordic style to warm and furnish our interior gently. Go ahead and succumb to the charm of these low tables with minimalist legs. Chez c'est fait fait! Rosewood coffee table, Tikamoon: 349 euros Handle coffee table, Zuiver: 79 euros


Aurore Hervé For this winter, the 3 Suisses signs a new collection of graphic and colored ornaments and that is what we like. Oriental and Scandinavian inspiration, graphic and fun patterns… it's up to you!

Back to basics

Aurore Hervé Corduroy is back in force at Les 3 Suisses with these pretty seats, a touch of retro, available in many colors. What satisfy all your decorative desires. Ridge Vintage high chair, Zuiver: 219 euros Lot of 2 Ridge, Zuiver chairs: 149 euros

Graphic composition

Aurore Hervé This Fall-Winter, for a decoration at the top of the trend, we will not hesitate to play on the accumulation of patterns: triangles, squares, rounds or chevrons. Adwin armchair, Zuiver: 449 euros Triangle cushion cover: 4.99 euros

Baroque influence

Aurore Hervé All in scrolls and arabesques, the Fresh bedside tables will allow you to create a Baroque decoration with the best effect. It would be a shame to deprive yourself of it! Set of 2 Fresh, Zuiver chairs: 158 euros


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