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The same for less: a buffet that throws!

The same for less: a buffet that throws!

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As comfortable in the kitchen as in a dining room, the buffet is available in all styles. The catch? A beautiful buffet can often be expensive… At Chez, we have the solution. In order not to ruin you while making you happy, we have found buffets at a lower cost and which have nothing to envy to those of the big brands!

Lucie Hanjel buffet € 1,249 / Dordogne Maisons du Monde buffet € 599.90

Lucie Hanjel - Maisons du Monde We like the 18 drawers that decorate the sideboard imagined by Lucie Hanjel and inspired by old craft furniture. But we prefer his cousin, a 12-drawer model, found at Maisons du Monde. Finally, it's always up to you!

Tolix wardrobe - Chantal Andriot design 553 euros / Hiba La Redoute wardrobe 199.99 euros

Tolix - La Redoute Industrial spirit with these colorful changing rooms. We love the red model designed by Chantal Andriot for Tolix. But, for the sake of our finances, we turn to the blue model proposed by La Redoute, just as authentic and multifunctional.

50's sideboard - David Hodkinson Red Edition design 1990 euros / Andersen Maisons du Monde sideboard 699.90 euros

Red Edition - Maisons du Monde Notice to design lovers of the 50s, let yourself be seduced by the model inspired by the dresser of the 50's, imagined by David Hodkinson for Red Edition. And to be more in line with your budget, you can fall for the vintage model offered at Maisons du Monde.

Paulus White Ivory buffet 1,356.60 euros / Saint-Ouen Maisons du Monde buffet 899 euros

Blanc d'Ivoire - Maisons du Monde At Blanc d'Ivoire, we love the delicate charm of the Paulus buffet. And just as charming, we would see the Saint-Ouen buffet at home, worked with a pretty light gray patina, which can be found at Maisons du Monde.

Buffet Moodi 130 design Hakan Johansson & Peter Lynch for Zweed 2753 euros / Fjord Buffet Maisons du Monde 299.90 euros

Zweed - Maisons du Monde Decorative heart stroke! We literally fall in love with the vintage Moodi sideboard, imagined by Hakan Johansson & Peter Lynch for Zweed. Equally retro, sober, refined and much more affordable, we love the Maisons du Monde model.

Design buffet Chantal Andriot Tolix 705 euros / Locker AM PM buffet 159.20 euros

Tolix - AM PM Industrial spirit and raw aesthetics for these two changing rooms. At Tolix, it is made of stamped sheet steel and fits perfectly into a loft-style living room. And, in the same wardrobe style reminiscent of American campuses, the AM PM model, in epoxy-finish metal, allows us to save a lot of money.

Buffet Point design Nissen & Gehl Naver 3225 euros / Berkley Buffet Maisons du Monde 999.90 euros

Naver - Maisons du Monde Fan of the 50's? Here are two buffets that will surely delight you. The first, imagined by Nissen & Gehl for Naver, has a solid wood structure and an ash veneer. Most " ? The doors are reversible with a front face in wood and a back in white or gray-blue laminate. The second, is made of solid walnut wood, and can also be used as a TV stand, it's up to you!

Total Flightcase Diesel with Moroso buffet 3,880 euros / Maisons du Monde Cinema buffet 359.90 euros

Diesel with Moroso - Original and quirky Maisons du Monde, here are two very contemporary buffets. On the left, Diesel, the famous Italian ready-to-wear brand, signs a buffet inspired by flight cases: you know, these cases used by musicians to transport their equipment on tour. On the right, within a much more reasonable budget, Maisons du Monde offers an equally stylish buffet, plus wheels!

Reflect design buffet Soren Rose Muuto 2950 euros / Maisons du Monde Trocadero buffet 599.90 euros

Muuto - Maisons du Monde Lovers of the Scandinavian style and the 50s, this is something to surprise you! On the left, for Muuto, Soren Rose gave free rein to her imagination and gave life to Reflect: a contemporary reinterpretation of the Scandinavian buffet of the 50's. On the right, fifties too, and very functional, the Trocadéro buffet, discovered at Maisons du Monde has a little effect, doesn't it?


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