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4 ideas to install a light garland in a kitchen

4 ideas to install a light garland in a kitchen

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Decorate your kitchen with light garlands


These small string lights are easy to install in any room of the house, including outside on a terrace, all year long! So if you have not yet hung any in your interior, Christmas is fast approaching and it is an excellent opportunity to bring a little magic into your home ... When we want to make our interior cozy, warm and hygge ( Danish term for happiness), the light garland is a decorative object to have absolutely at home. We present you 4 ideas to install your light garland in your kitchen.

Intertwined on the wall shelves


Know that a light garland is surely one of the cheapest and most stylish decorative items. There are several shapes, several colors and several sizes. To decorate your shelves, intertwine your garland around the cookbooks, pass it between the jars, around a succulent plant for example. You can also slip your garland in a vase, a jar or under a bell for an even more successful effect. Do not hesitate to put several for even more magic. In short, you will understand, the choices are endless!

Unrolled on the table


On the table runner, on your work plan, on the central island ... Depending on how your kitchen is arranged, unroll your pretty little light garland on one of these surfaces. What could be more canon than a light garland as a table runner? You can also pass it between the plates, around the glasses, in short put a little everywhere on your table so as to decorate it simply and beautifully. purified, when you receive or everyday, it will bring a touch of magic for sure. According to the hygge, a state of well-being originally Danish and now widely adopted in the world, there are a few must-have items to have in your decor: cushions, throws, candles, green plants , woven baskets, rattan mirrors and THE famous light garland.Something to light up your kitchen in the blink of an eye! And then for even more magic, intertwine several shapes or colors of light garlands.

Hanging on the window


Another idea, hang your light garland on your window or decorate its framing with. Stars, bulbs, flakes, hearts, pineapple, leaves, cacti, there is a quantity of different models and shapes. You can also drop your garlands into curtains on the window, mix shapes and colors, play on lengths for even more fantasy.Your kitchen will shine brightly and you will feel a sense of well-being. And sometimes there is a small ledge under the windows. It is then ideal for creating a cocooning corner at the edge of the window. A blanket, a cushion, a small plant and a light garland on the edge of the window and you're ready to have a good time in autumn or winter. On very cold days or when it rains, you will quickly realize how pleasant it is to enjoy a hot drink while watching what is happening outside ...

Hanging on a wall


For trendy and pampering cuisine, nothing more simple and attractive than installing a light garland on an empty wall. Get a rather thin and long enough to be able to make several lines of light. After dark, turn it on to beautify the kitchen the time of a meal, when you cook or even just to look pretty with no particular purpose. And rather than magnetizing your family photos on the fridge, how about hanging them on the light garland? For this you just need a few small decorative clothespins to hang a few photos everywhere and voila!


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