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We have a drink at the garden bar

We have a drink at the garden bar

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Why go to the terrace of a cafe when you can sit in the sun in your garden? And for a drink, become your own bartender by setting up a bar on your terrace or in your garden. Enough to spend a friendly moment with friends.

A chic bar on the terrace

Maisons du Monde To create a very chic garden bar on your terrace, arrange the space with a small bar with storage for storing glasses and shakers, place a sideboard for the appetizers and have stools for your friends to 'install.

An exotic atmosphere bar

Maisons du Monde If you want to travel by settling in your garden bar, bet on an exotic style model by opting for rattan. For a very decorative touch, this bar is adorned with the inscription "Comptoir des voyageurs" to set the tone.

A designer bar

La Redoute If you want a designer and refined bar area, prefer a high and narrow table with stools that will allow you to sit down with friends in the garden. For the decorative touch, choose woven resin, very trendy.

A natural bar

Roimage For a natural and summer atmosphere on your terrace, choose a light wooden garden bar that you can accessorize with comfortable high chairs thanks to the white cushions.

A bar by the pool

Leroy Merlin Do not hesitate to set up a garden bar by the pool so that you can enjoy the water when you have a drink with your friends. Then choose a model that will meet the deckchairs that settle around the pool.

A friendly garden bar

Delamaison For a friendly atmosphere, this garden bar uses materials. It offers a wooden tray and a rattan and metal structure for an original look. It is accompanied by comfortable armchairs with red cushions for moments of relaxation with friends.

A bar table

Oceo Finally, if you don't really care about the garden bar but rather about the atmosphere that emerges from it, you can only install a high table with its chairs to create a bistro atmosphere in your garden.