The kitchen honors blue

The kitchen honors blue

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It's confirmed, blue in the kitchen has established itself as the flagship color of this season. Between midnight blue, pastel blue or turquoise blue, the latter makes him look and makes him see life in blue. So why not be tempted by this fresh shade that symbolizes peace. Here are 10 atmospheres to get inspired!

A "midnight blue" kitchen

Ikéa Another blue competing in the kitchen, midnight blue. This very dark shade of blue, close to black, creates an interesting contrast with the light wood of the kitchen cupboards.

A blue kitchen cabinet of curiosity

Ikéa In a very trendy register, the kitchen falls in a stir when it is decorated like a cabinet of curiosities. Imagery of insects hanging on the wall, herbs exposed in the foreground on the worktop or hanging cloves of garlic are highlighted with the very pale blue of the walls.

Indigo blue sets the tone for the kitchen

Conforama Intense and deep, indigo blue impresses its strength and character in the kitchen. On the fronts of cupboards and in paint on one of the sections of the wall, it is revealed even more when it is combined with white.

Blue seaside

Conforama Echo the colors of the sea by playing with different blues in your kitchen. Turquoise blue of the southern seas and gray blue of the Atlantic Ocean combine with white and wood cupboards.

A turquoise blue kitchen

Conforama Teleport your kitchen to the other side of the hemisphere by decorating your walls in turquoise blue. Modernize the whole with anthracite gray furniture.

Blue and brown go well together

Conforama Did you know but blue is the favorite color of the French. So fill your cravings with blue by adopting it in the kitchen. In a slightly greyed-out version, it blends gracefully and elegantly with brown and wood.

Blue cuisine, but not only ...

Conforama Vibrate blue with yellow, its complementary color then add a little black and white.

A blue with sixties accents

Arthur Bonnet The fifties trend has certainly not escaped you. Blue, green and orange blend happily to give life and sparkle to the kitchen.

Blue cuisine just by touches

Ikea Twist blue with other colors. Here, it mixes in a jungle of colorful patterns which installs it in the background. A solution to associate it discreetly.


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