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30 tiny mobile houses to go on vacation

30 tiny mobile houses to go on vacation

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Built of wood, and most often on wheels, these micro-homes, halfway between the caravan, the motorhome and the mobile home are attracting more and more followers looking for solutions to save money. and decrease unnecessary expenses in their habitat. Looking for an original alternative for your vacation? We have put together a nice selection of tiny houses for you to escape. Discovery in pictures!


F9 Productions A food truck? Not a small comfortable house in the heart of nature. Source: Dream house to go

A blue house

heart wood tiny homes Can you dream of a nicer setting to recharge your batteries? Fully adorned with sky blue wooden panels, this adorable miniature house located near the New Forest National Park is available to rent for the enjoyment of lovers of the great outdoors. Source: Tiny house france


Tiny Living Ltd. What distinguishes this two-story caravan transformed into a tiny house from other existing micro-houses: its airy design, its omnipresent brightness, but above all the impressive size of its kitchen and bathroom. Source: Owner's Tower

A tiny green house

Tiny house blog The particularity of this micro habitat which combines authenticity and modern comfort: photovoltaic panels, installed on the roof of the accommodation. A dream for homeowners who wanted to save energy without spending a fortune. Source: Tiny house blog

An enchanted cottage

Rustic way At the editorial office, we are literally in love with this pretty cottage that seems straight out of a fairy tale. And you what do you think ? Source: Rustic way

Mix and match

Deek Diedricksen What we will remember here: the various openings with different shapes and colors which bring a nice decorative touch to this raised tiny house. Source: Living large in our little house

A house from another time

Sean Hurley This is a black and golden miniature house in steampunk style that is reminiscent of the steam locomotives of yesteryear. We particularly like the mottled ship bar installed outside the home. Source: Nhpr

A graphic tiny house

Crystal Zull photography Designed by Rocky Moutain Tiny Houses, this two-tone graphic-style tiny house was designed to accommodate a family of four. Difficult to believe seen from the outside and yet, inside, it has all the amenities. A real space optimization model! Source: The houses

A miniature trailer

Shelter Wise Compact but nevertheless very comfortable, this tiny house called The Salsa Box was designed to provide a simple life in a natural setting. Its particularity: it was designed to withstand a variety of climatic conditions! Source: Shelter Wise

A mobile home diverted into a mobile home

BoredPanda Jenna and Guillaume dreamed of traveling the United States. They decided to transform their mobile home into a charming little comfortable cottage on wheels. The result is stunning ! Source: SooCurious

A tiny vitamin house

Tiny house for us Color yellow, red, purple and turquoise ... this original tiny house with strict lines exudes happiness and that's what we like! Source: Tiny house for us

A modernized trailer

Dreadnaught Darling You have been seduced by the style and shape of the traditional trailers called Vardos, you will certainly fall for this modern version with a distinctive style. Source: Tiny house blog

A floating house

Marcus Peabody Want to enter into osmosis with nature and find a certain form of freedom? This little house is the ideal accommodation for discovering the flora and fauna, living with the lapping of the water and enjoying aquatic leisure activities within immediate reach. Source: Cabin Porn

A micro-house on a boat

Shanty boat living Even more unusual, this tiny traditional style house installed on a boat. A very clever two in one that immediately won over the editorial staff. Source: Shanty boat living

A daring bus

The Cosmic Collider With the help of his girlfriend and his friends, the surfer Ryan Lovelace succeeded in transforming an old vintage bus dating from 1948 into an original and wonderfully optimized living space. And, as part of his renovation, he worked to add a small bedroom at the top of the bus. The dream ! Source: The Cosmic Collider

A school bus repaired in a mini apartment

Still Standing In the same spirit, the owners of this old school bus wanted to transform the vehicle into comfortable accommodation. The front part renovated, they then set out to dismantle the rear part and build a wooden house worthy of the greatest. The result is simply magical! Source: Still Standing

A geometric and colorful house

Frank Henderson and Paul Schultz Special mention for this beautiful tiny house which combines modern design, simple materials, shapes with variable geometries and vibrant colors. We crack! Source: Treehugger

Mini budget

Mitch Bear One week, some debris and only 150 dollars were necessary to transform this car into a small modular space for traveling and sleeping. Nice isn't it? Source: Tiny House Talk

A tiny house bathed in light

BF Architects The specificity of this tiny house? Its veranda which plays the role of a real room. It hosts an ultra bright living room thanks to its wooden structure and its large picture windows. A volume perfectly integrated into the architecture of the accommodation. Source: Housekaboodle

Green housing

Nigel Ridgen Thanks to a floating structure installed on the river and low-energy materials, Pad Studio imagined a small house with minimal impact on the environment. As in a traditional boat, the interior of the egg is divided into a wet part including a washing space with toilet and shower and dry living spaces. Source: Viralnova

A mobile home on wheels

Calisus The owners of this mobile home have found the miracle solution to go on vacation calmly and at low cost! They have indeed transformed their mobile home into a large apartment on casters. Source: Calisus

Total wood look

Brynne Herbison Based on a trailer, this pretty house inspired by the caravans of yesteryear has something to seduce. Entirely designed in wood and mobile, it is pierced with many openings to allow owners to enjoy the surrounding landscape and benefit from natural light. Source: The Meta Picture

Luxury and simplicity

Sol Haus Design The tiny house of Vina Lustado, owner of the premises, reflects her philosophy of life: the possibility of traveling with her house designed with ease. Equipped with a gas fireplace, multifunctional furniture and small skylights, this little home has everything it needs! Source: Sol Haus Design

Organic design

Caban Crwn Favorite for this house with curved lines designed in metal. It looks like a pretty mobile tiny house capable of blending into any decor thanks to its semi-circular shape. Source: Viralnova

Gypsy inspiration

Tiny House Blog Lover of Gypsy culture and looking for a mini accommodation evoking travel and nomadism, opt for a caravan. Rustic or bohemian style… the choice is yours! Source: Tiny House Blog

A metamorphosed candy bar

Tiny House Blog Unusual this candy bar transformed into a semi-nomadic home. An ideal accommodation solution for a lone traveler! Source: Tiny House Blog

A family home

Tiny House Living This micro-house definitely has nothing to envy to traditional housing. Designed to accommodate a family of four, it benefits from all the necessary comfort that one is entitled to expect at home: sleeping space, plenty of storage, fitted kitchen, small balcony ... a dream! Source: Tiny House Living

Like in a castle

Living big in a tiny house When you lack space you have to be inventive. This couple did not miss it when designing their miniature house. They show us their truck capable of turning into a little fairytale castle. Source: Living big in a tiny house


Tumbleweed Designed in rolled steel to easily withstand bad weather, this tiny house seduces us with its sober and refined style, a bit industrial. Its advantage: the model optimizes the space without requiring a special permit to tow. Source: Tumbleweed


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