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10 wooden garages to store your car

10 wooden garages to store your car

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Not all houses are lucky enough to have a large attached garage. So, if you want your car not to sleep outside and be protected from the weather, you can choose the wooden garage option. Arranged in the garden, it is in addition to being aesthetic and practical, very economical. Here are 10 models to finish convincing you.

A large wooden garage

Carrefour Practical and functional, this wooden garage is equipped with two windows, one of which is integrated into the service door. Ideal for creating a lighted workshop in the background for your work.

With an aluminum door

Mr Bricolage Like a real garage, this wooden model has an aluminum door more practical than the usual wooden doors. Small in size, it just allows you to enter your car without encroaching on the garden.

Easy to decorate

Le Jardin de Catherine The advantage with the wooden garage is that you can have fun with the outdoor decor. We add a bench, some plants and why not hang one or two planters?

Contemporary wooden garage

Direct Shelters With its 19.2m2, this wooden garage allows you to store your car as well as store your garden tools. We particularly like its light wood appearance which gives it a resolutely contemporary look.

Double garage

Direct Shelters Note that if you have two cars to shelter, you will also find double wooden garages. Another touch of functionality: a service door and a tilt-and-turn window.

Separate garage and storage area

Direct Abris In a large garden, we opt for a large wooden garage which has two very distinct parts. A corner to store the car, a corner to put all these tools, the ideal garage for DIY enthusiasts!

Without wall

Habitat et Jardin If you do not want to install a large wooden garage at the risk of overloading a small garden, choose a version without walls. A small cabin area allows you to store your garden tools.

Like a little house

My ladder This wooden garage looks like a pretty little mountain house. Practical thanks to its aluminum door, it is installed at the end of a paved driveway in order to clearly define its space.

A large shelter

Tekimport Rather than daring a very large wooden garage to store two cars, we choose this version which mixes small storage space in the background and a large open shelter. The cars are protected, and the workshop is not crowded.


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