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12 flowers to adopt for a winter wedding

12 flowers to adopt for a winter wedding

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1. Anemones, flowers of the wind


In Greek, anemone means flower of the wind. The peculiarity of this black heart flower is its incredible number of kinds. Indeed, there are more than a hundred kinds of anemones. Red, white, pink, mix the shades to brighten up D-Day decor! Its bright colors will surely bring pep to your bouquet or to the decoration of your tables.

2. A little color with the buttercups


Buttercups with many petals also offer a wide range of colors on their own. Similar to peonies or roses, there is no shortage of colors. White, yellow, orange, purple, pink or red, something to find your happiness for your winter wedding.

3. Roses, the very symbol of love


Nothing is more romantic than integrating roses into your wedding decor, whether in winter or summer. In bouquets, in vases, sprinkled on the tables ... roses fit perfectly into all styles of weddings. Among the best known, find the white rose, synonymous with purity, the pink rose of the tenderness and the red rose of love.

4. Orchids, for a luxurious wedding


Integrate some pretty orchids in the center of the table or in the bridal bouquet gives your wedding a chic, sober and luxurious side. And for even more originality, why not slip one in the bride's hairstyle and her bridesmaids or in the mister suit jacket and his group of friends?

5. Mimosa, for unconditional love


If you want to bring a touch of freshness to your event, think of mimosas! These little golden buttons are perfect for a country and bohemian atmosphere. In wreaths of flowers, strewn on tables, round napkins or in bouquets of flowers, integrate the mimosa in your wedding!

6. A sweet marriage with cotton flowers


Synonymous with softness, cotton is as pleasant to the touch as it is decorative on your wedding day. In napkin rings, in buttonholes, in bouquet central or in scattered branches on the table, the advantage is that the cotton flowers do not fade. So if you want to keep your bridal bouquet as a souvenir, consider cotton!

7. Amaryllis, to embellish your marriage


Red, white or pink, the amaryllis flowers during the winter. In Greek, his name meant splendor and glittering and its large petals confirm them. From the top of its high stem, the amaryllis has what it takes to impress more than one. Beautiful flower ideal for the end of year celebrations or for a winter wedding!

8. Winter honeysuckle and its sweet smell


Fragrant white flower, winter honeysuckle (Lonicera fragrantissima) is also one of the ideal type of flowers for your winter wedding. When it blooms, from December to March, its smell reminds of that of jasmine.

9. Tulips, strong in emotion


Ah tulips… perfect love, infinite or passionate love, a wedding is the perfect opportunity to transmit these messages through this flower. There are hundreds of varieties tulips, each one more beautiful than the other. You will therefore be spoiled for choice to decorate your reception room, to slip some into your bridal bouquet or hang a buttonhole.

10. Camellias for a perfect marriage


If you are getting married at the end of winter, consider camellias. Native to Asian countries, these flowers look like the rose. To embellish your wedding in the blink of an eye, do not hesitate to vary the colors!

11. Refinement and elegance with the snowdrop


Just by its name, you can guess that this flower is ideal for a winter wedding. Fragrant white flower, it announces the return of sunny days, hence its name "snowdrop". Dotted with table decor, these flowers will embellish your wedding!

12. Muscaris, for even more romanticism!


Finally, nothing more romantic than a few blue flowers like muscari to bring a little pep and originality to your bridal bouquet or to the decoration of your ballroom. However, the muscari is preferred towards the end of winter, so if your wedding is planned for February or March, it's perfect!


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