10 small winter crafts with children

10 small winter crafts with children

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1 / Painted pine cones


For this DIY, you need to cones, a damp cloth, acrylic paints of different colors and brushes. Start by cleaning the pine cones with the damp cloth. Paint the scales of the pine cones by alternating the colors of the paints. Let it dry for an hour.

2 / candle oranges


Like the desire to create original and delicious candles? As a family,orange candles ! You need oranges, cloves, any glue, a knife, spoons and tealights. Start by creating a hole on the top of the oranges with the knife. Using the spoons and the knife, dig the holes to form circles about 39 mm in diameter and 3 mm in height. Place the tealights inside the holes. Finish by decorating the orange candles by sticking cloves on the skin of the fruit by making dots of glue.

3 / A silver Christmas tree in pasta


A nice playful and original decoration which will serve as a centerpiece on Christmas Eve! To achieve it, it's simple. Take a roll of paper towels and aluminum foil. Form an aluminum foil cone all around the paper towel roll standing upright on a support. Keep aside. Using a spray of silver paint, color around thirty pasta (conchiglie, farfalle, orecchiette ...), then allow to dry. Once the painted pasta is dry, stick it nicely on the aluminum foil cone, starting from the top to the bottom, using a glue gun. Finally let dry for 1 hour.

4 / A winter crown


Are you going for a family walk in the forest? And if you took advantage of this great opportunity to collect fir branches and red berries in order to make with your children a pretty winter wreath to hang on your front door? To make it, it's simple. You need soft wire and a glue gun. Tie the fir branches together to form a very long branch, using the wire. Form a crown with the branch and tie it with wire. Glue dots on the red berries using the glue gun. Give your children the task of placing them randomly on the crown of branches. Let the crown dry for 1 hour before hanging it.

5 / Snowmen in rolls of toilet paper


On the hardware side, you need rolls of toilet paper, white acrylic paint, paintbrushes, colored chenille yarn, tassels, colored felt, buttons, black Posca felt pen and glue gun. Paint the rolls of toilet paper white with the brushes, then let them dry. Cut the scarves out of the felt. Assemble all the elements with a glue gun, then draw the faces of snowmen with black Posca felt.

6 / A decorative garland


You need a thick string 2 meters long, 2 thumbtacks, small wooden clothespins, small fir branches, pine cones, dried oranges, etc. etc. Tie each end of the string. Using clothespins, randomly place each decoration on the garland. It is done ? All you need to do is hang the garland on your wall with the push pins.

7 / Christmas tree decorations in cardboard paper


Your Christmas tree lack of decoration? Take this opportunity to harness the creativity of your children by making them make pretty cardboard fir tree decorations. You will need cardboard, scissors, a needle, thick thread and colored markers. Start by cutting circles 5 cm in diameter from the cardboard paper. Decorate the circles using the colored markers. Let it dry for a few minutes. Cut the wire into several 8 cm long pieces. Make a hole at the top of each circle using the needle. Pass the pieces of wire through each hole, then tie them. All that's left is to hang these pretty decorations in your tree!

8 / A herbarium


You just need one dead leaf, a photo frame (with metal tabs), a synthetic glass cut according to the size of the frame and a spray of golden paint. Let the dead leaf dry completely before painting it with the spray paint. Once the paint has dried, remove the bottom of the photo frame. Place the golden leaf on the frame glass, then place the synthetic glass over it. Fold the small metal tabs of the frame to fix everything; the herbarium is finished !

9 / Decorative napkins


To perfectly finalize the decoration of your Christmas table or buffet, we suggest that you make these pretty white napkins… In paper or fabric, as you wish! You need small fir branches and wooden clothespins. Fold your towels nicely. On the corners of the towels, pin them fir branches using the clothespins. It's over !

10 / A Christmas tree in kirigami


Thekirigami Christmas tree is not only beautiful but super simple to make! You only need square sheets of paper (not too thick) and a pair of scissors. We let you browse the net in search of THE explanatory video to make it happen. Pictures are easier to understand than words, right?


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