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Gray sublimates a modern apartment

Gray sublimates a modern apartment

Gray is undoubtedly the new trendy color that is gradually replacing taupe in our interiors. Ideal for a modern style, it sublimates the elements of the decor as in this Boulogne apartment where gray is entirely in the spotlight. Visit.

A gray carpet

To meet the sofa in the living room, the young occupants of the apartment chose a very soft gray carpet that brings softness to the space. To bring a more luminous touch, the gray elements are installed around a white living room table which reflects the light to highlight the shades of gray.

Warm gray

Also in the living room, wooden shelves warm the whole by bringing a new material effect. The combination of gray, white and wood is then perfectly in trend with natural colors and materials that bring conviviality.

Gray and red for wall decoration

On the wall, a gray table stands out against the white background. And to energize the whole, a touch of red settles on the table and gives depth to the gray of the latter. Do not hesitate to enter a color very in contrast with the basic color of your decoration.

Gray light fixture

To light up, gray still plays an important role with this chrome suspension where the light from the numerous bulbs will reflect. The light oscillates between a design style assumed in this modern apartment and an industrial touch which adds character to the whole.

Gray in the kitchen

In the kitchen, there is still room for gray, which can be installed on furniture as well as household appliances or the splashback in tiling. On the tableware side, the chrome gray reflects the light and stays in the colors. And in this space, we also find the touch of red in the living room as well as the wood on the worktop.

Gray curtains

To filter the light in the large living room and the open kitchen, gray curtains provide a cozy and intimate atmosphere. They of course respond to the rest of the decoration.

Gray plaids and bedspreads

In the bedroom, the gray is not left out either and elegantly finds its place on the bed thanks to a textured plaid with comfortable looks. This darker gray highlights the bed and creates a very soft shade with the shade of the curtains.

Gray cushions to accessorize

On the bed nothing is left to chance and it is perfectly staged with a series of cushions in different materials which give volume to the bed and invite to a very comfortable nap.

Gray invites itself outside

Finally, gray also finds its place on the terrace of this apartment where the wooden chairs have a gray fabric seat for a trendy look. The flower pots also camp this color to highlight the greenery of the space. Click here to continue the visit.