10 ideas to remember from Maison & Objet

10 ideas to remember from Maison & Objet

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Maison & Objet has just closed its doors until the next show in January and has unveiled strong trends for 2013. We have walked the aisles of the show to find for you the highlights of the show. Zoom on the ideas to remember.


Philippe Cochard The trend is essential and among the scenographers at Maison et Objet, this translates into transparent objects, whether in accessories with glass vases or in furniture with plastic tables and chairs.

Practical furniture

Cinius Sri To respond to the problem of lack of space, the Maison & Objet salon showcased clever furniture that saves square meters. The furniture is thus ingenious with mezzanine beds or fold-away tables.

We get closer to nature

Fillioux & Fillioux Going to the basics also means bringing nature into our interiors. The stools take on the appearance of stumps of wood and plants take over the house with designer pendant lights, for example.

Vintage style

Alexis Narodetzky The vintage style remains a sure bet of the house with furniture inspired by the 50s, 60s and 70s for a decor with retro accents. This furniture can be bargain-hunted or even bought in major decoration brands that are inspired by this trend.

Home made

Alexis Narodetzky In the kitchen, the home-made always has the wind in its sails. We return to the tradition of cooking by reclaiming utensils that we had stored in the cupboard like cast iron casseroles that resurface.

Recovered furniture

Anne-Emmanuelle Thion To avoid waste, we no longer hesitate to create furniture from materials already used. Thus, driftwood flourishes on furniture to create original and very trendy structures.

Cabinet curiosity spirit

Jacques Gavard This season, the cabinet of curiosity invests our interiors with small animals that settle in the house but also collections of objects that we place under a bell for a museum style.

Playful objects

Jacques Gavard For fun in decoration, you can count on playful objects. On the program, original bookends, offset hooks and other objects that add a little animation to the decoration.

Fashion spirit

Francis Amiand Textile side, the house is playing very fashion! Cushions, curtains and other home textiles offer patterns inspired by catwalks, and stylists no longer hesitate to create their own home collection.