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Kvik: 10 Danish cuisines at reasonable prices

Kvik: 10 Danish cuisines at reasonable prices

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Simplicity, form and functionality… these are the qualifiers that could sum up the philosophy of the Danish kitchen designer, Kvik. Founded in 1983, the brand which aims to offer an alternative between kit furniture offered by chains and the high-end championed by specialists is revolutionizing the kitchen sector today. And this, for our greatest pleasure! Innovative design, fast delivery and attractive prices… discover ten contemporary kitchens with a refined style, accessible to all.

A black kitchen

Kvik A / S In addition to the many models offered by the Danish kitchen designer, Mano Sera is distinguished by its authentic wooden doors to bring elegance to your kitchen. Dressed in a white worktop, it brings a nice contrast to the kitchen. We particularly like the many drawers inside the furniture which allow you to have an overview of the dishes and accessories present and to optimize the storage space. Mano Sera cuisine: 5,666 euros

A friendly kitchen for small spaces

Kvik A / S Ideal in small kitchens, Linea White has been designed to adapt to studios and small apartments. Its dining area for two and its many storage spaces that allow a good use of space in height and depth will not leave you indifferent. Linea White kitchen: 2,619 euros

Gray cuisine

Kvik A / S Simple and elegant design for the Tinta Gray kitchen, covered here with a concrete color film to give the dining area a trendy touch. Characterized by its horizontal and vertical lines for a stylish and timeless design, the model is particularly suitable for open kitchens and large. Tinta Gray kitchen: € 3,694

White cuisine takes on colors!

Kvik A / S Exit the total white look on kitchen furniture. The new Conviviale kitchen in the Tinta series will seduce you with its horizontal and vertical profiles which give a strong expression and create dynamism in a sustainable design. Glued on the aluminum profiles, the scratch-resistant film is available in 10 colors to allow you to change the expression of your kitchen in the blink of an eye. Tinta Hero Friendly Kitchen: 3,601 euros

Natural cuisine

Kvik A / S Simple and rigorous design, light oak doors, Selva is distinguished by its Danish style which brings personality and warmth to small kitchens. Selva cuisine: 2,301 euros

Well thought out cuisine

Kvik A / S Higher furniture for more space, strict lines and natural materials, Mirto brings simplicity, in a refined style to the kitchen. The framed doors form a discreet square which, with the square handle, ensures the beautiful set of Mirto. Mirto cuisine: € 3,301

Country cuisine

Kvik Ponte is a new approach to design and style that the brand has chosen to name "urban country style". In the kitchen, this translates into rustic design furniture with smooth steel handles, gray doors and a matching worktop in dark ash which adapts to the needs and habits of life. modern. Ponte cuisine: 5,309 euros

A beautiful central island

Kvik A / S Que would be a convivial kitchen without a practical and functional central island. Beautiful volume, a symbiosis of forms and materials, Veda has it all! We particularly like the matt white doors and the compact laminate worktop, a practical and clever solution to occupy the minimum space. Veda cuisine: 1,687 euros

Immaculate cuisine

Kvik A / S Yes, white is chic and timeless, and that, Kvik has understood! At the center of the brand's philosophy, the latter imagined Milk. The inspiration of Nordic nature gives white a contemporary and warm side, associated with the natural surfaces of the compact Milk kitchen. Where to benefit from a trendy cuisine while sobriety and refinement. Milk cuisine: 1,309 euros


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