The teenage girl with peas

The teenage girl with peas

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Girly and invigorating, the polka dots are inviting into the girls' bedroom to boost its decor, whatever its style. And the pea princess became the teenager with peas…

Big red dots for a Pop Art atmosphere

Conforama ### From the table to the bed linen, the red dots on a white background create an arty style resolutely punchy! For all Pop Art fans…

White and pink dots for an ultra girly decor

La Redoute ### Nice pink and white duo for this polka dot bed set, or how to intensify the girly side of the teenage bedroom!

XXL dots to accentuate a pop decor

Leroy Merlin ### What could be better than oversized polka dot patterns to give a pop boost? The proof in pictures.

Peas for a charming office

Maisons du Monde ### The small white dots on a red background covering the chair, the curtains and the back of the desk gracefully underline the romantic / retro style of the workspace. All the charm of round patterns!

Purple dots to gently wake up the bed

Fly ### Chosen in a pink / purple color chart, the polka dots energize the bed with softness and femininity. It's the little touch that makes the difference!

Punchy dots to boost a retro office

Leroy Merlin ### Here is a polka dot wallpaper whose multiple colors seem to have been stitched with the palette of a painter. Ideal for electrifying a slightly too wise office area…

Multicolored polka dots to decorate the decor

Goal ### Covering the floor, a black carpet with multicolored polka dots is sure to have an effect on teens! Yes, the round patterns also rhyme with punch!

Arty dots to wow the gallery

Fly ### Thanks to a decorative canvas dressed in slightly dimmed colored dots imitating tart gleams, the young ladies' room creates a surprise.


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