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Kitchen and glass roof: the winning duo

Kitchen and glass roof: the winning duo

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Star of our interiors, the glass roof welcomes more followers every day in its fan club. It must be said that its advantages are numerous! Insulate a room without partitioning it, bring light into a windowless space ... In the kitchen, it has also found a beautiful place of choice. Demonstration.

A glass roof facing the window

SkandiaMaklarna Like the Arch of Defense perfectly aligned with the Arc de Triomphe, this canopy was placed just in front of the living room window. The light enters it instantly! Source: SkandiaMaklarna

A glass roof that structures

Blueberry Home What we like about this glass roof is that it continues to give a metallic frame to the front door of the kitchen. An unusual structure that deserves to be recognized. Source: Blueberry Home

A glass roof under the mezzanine

Alvhem Makleri In this loft-style duplex, the kitchen has been installed under the mezzanine. Having no window, the owners have therefore opted for a large white canopy which lets the light of the living room do its work. Source: Alvhem Makleri

A thick frame

Dust Jacket In this immaculate white kitchen, it is the canopy with a thick, anthracite gray frame that holds our attention. Source: Dust Jacket

An opaque canopy

April and May To keep privacy in the kitchen while enjoying the light in the dining room, opt for a glass roof with small opaque tiles. Source: April and May

A glass roof marked by the years

Katty Schiebeck This weathered canopy has a lot of charm. Installed here in a high-ceilinged apartment with an industrial, chic atmosphere, it leaves no one indifferent. Source: Katty Schiebeck

A graphic canopy

Katty Schiebeck Rhombuses, triangles, rectangles, squares, stripes ... this atypical canopy is very graphic. 10/10! Source: Katty Schiebeck

Two glass roofs in the kitchen

FJ Interior Design In this kitchen two accesses were made. The first at the entrance of the house and the second at the living room level. All with two huge canopies that will make more than one dream! Source: FJ Interior Design

Large windows

The Style Files Like the glass walls of New York lofts, this canopy offers great visibility over the kitchen and dining room of this apartment. Our favorite ! Source: The Style Files