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Visit of the Ballue gardens

Visit of the Ballue gardens

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A few kilometers from Mont-Saint-Michel, overlooking the Couesnon valley, the Château de la Ballue and its gardens can be discovered ... The 17th century property in golden granite has retained all its majesty, the purity of an architectural style in perfect harmony with the gardens designed according to a modern geometric logic and a classic symbolism. After a long period of abandonment, the terraced gardens were recreated in 1973 by Claude Arthaud, editor and patron. With two architects, Paul Maymont and François-Herbert Stevens, she revives the park of yesteryear, faithful to its original spirit. Conceiving it as a work of art, "delirium of intellectual utopian", it is inspired by Baroque Italy and Italian models of topiary art.

A regular garden to be seen from the house

Yann Monel Nature is here disciplined according to a logical and mathematical order in a geometric game of alleys, triangles, hexagonal crowns.

Order and harmony of a French garden

Yann Monel Geometric lines, order and regularity punctuate this French garden in harmony with the facade of the castle.

Order and harmony of a French garden

Château de la Ballue Geometric lines are omnipresent in this French garden.

Order and harmony of a French garden

Thierry Borredon Topiaries, boxwood and yew trees require scrupulous pruning.

Wisteria and yew column

Yann Monel Unchangingly green, essentially composed of yew, boxwood, privet and geometric topiaries, this classic garden is separated from a second space by an alley composed of 22 feet of wisteria supported on a double column of pruned yew trees and aligned on 50 meters.

A thousand discoveries around the groves, alleys…

Yann Monel Labyrinth of mysterious alleys, thickets of ferns, thicket of scents, avenue of lime trees, hemicycle in yew walls ... scenic spaces are discovered as if by magic in the Ballue gardens.

Scenes of green to discover

Yann Monel Juxtaposed in the regular park, a garden with a radically different atmosphere surprises the visitor with its 13 green rooms.

A green temple

Yann Monel Inspired by Nicolas Ledoux, the temple of greenery offers a double perspective on the avenue of thuja on the right and that of the lime trees on the left.

The labyrinth

Yann Monel Inspired by Le Corbusier, this maze of yew trees amazes young and old!

Between light and shade

Yann Monel The garden offers a subtle alternation of light and shade.

Floral touches here and there

Château de la Ballue Only a few floral touches, like a distraction, invite themselves in this "black and white" decor. "The flower is not appropriate in this garden", underlines the owner of the places who maintains the spaces while remaining faithful to the spirit given by Claude Arthaud. Only wisteria, magnolia or roses break the symphony of greens. We lose ourselves with delight in this magical place.

The Grove of Ferns

Château de la Ballue In the shade of a magnolia grandiflora, the thicket of deciduous perennial ferns and evergreen ferns ideally finds its place.

A perfect French garden

Yann Monel Topiary, boxwood ... are omnipresent in the gardens of La Ballue.

With view of the Couesnon valley

Yann Monel The view is breathtaking from the gardens of the Château de la Ballue!

The main courtyard

Château de la Ballue The regular garden highlights the facade of the Château de la Ballue. It is bordered by three linden trees over 250 years old and punctuated with orange crates from Versailles.