Fly 2015-2016: new kitchens where life is good

Fly 2015-2016: new kitchens where life is good

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Whether it is design, authentic, Scandinavian, or contemporary, the new Fly kitchen is always warm, friendly, functional, and at affordable prices. No more time to lose, get to know Spacio, Etna, Grafiti, Tuscany, Aero!

Spacio: modern and careful cuisine

Fly Urban at will, this variation of Spacio gives pride of place to a very long and very functional kitchen, sublimated by a subtle taupe color. Spacio cuisine: from 465 euros

Aéro: an ideal kitchen for beautiful family moments

Fly With Aéro, place a family kitchen arranged around a dining area, central element of the room, because conducive to sharing and ultra friendly. The most decorative? A trendy matte ivory finish. Aero cuisine: from 345 euros

Spacio noir radiance: the city cuisine par excellence

Fly In its shiny black version, Spacio plays the city masculine card. As compact as it is practical and chic, this kitchen fits perfectly in the interiors of modern gourmets. Spacio cuisine: from 465 euros

Etna: charming cuisine

Fly If Etna is authentic and warm, it also offers all the equipment necessary for the preparation of good meals: built-in oven and microwave, hob and hood, all dressed in stainless steel. Etna cuisine: from 533 euros

Grafiti, bleached wood version

Fly Available in bleached wood, Grafiti invites itself into contemporary interiors to sublimate them with style, as in this atmosphere embellished with a royal blue wall, vibrant! Grafiti cuisine: from 435 euros

Tuscany: country-style cuisine

Fly As comfortable in a country house as in a more retro interior, Tuscany is THE kitchen that fans of charming style have been waiting for. Tuscan cuisine: from 565 euros

Spacio ivoire: a space where cooking is good

Fly Finally, adorned with its bright ivory finish, Spacio gives life to a space where it is good to live and cook! Spacio cuisine: from 465 euros