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A lyonnaise house all in levels optimized by Marion Lanoë

A lyonnaise house all in levels optimized by Marion Lanoë

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This small house of 79 square meters can be found in Solaize near Lyon. Very unusual, the accommodation spans three floors. Marion Lanoë, interior designer, knew how to play with spaces and make it a real little cocoon very design. Visit.

A welcoming ground floor

Lanoë Marion For the whole house, Marion Lanoë used soft and clear materials and colors. The first room consists of an open kitchen and a dining room. The two spaces are clearly divided by the white worktop which also serves as a bar. * For more information: //*

The kitchen area

Lanoë Marion For a good optimization of the space, the kitchen storage units were installed on all the walls. The sink, hood and worktop are then arranged in a central niche. For a better delimitation of spaces, the interior of the bar is painted black, which contrasts nicely with the white of the stools. * For more information: //*

A dining room with Scandinavian accents

Lanoë Marion To arrange the dining area on the ground floor, Marion Lanoë chose a beautiful light wooden table well lit by two large black chandeliers. The chairs in pastel colors add a Scandinavian touch to the room. Once again, there is a contrasting element: the bottom of the shelves has also been painted black, thus echoing the kitchen bar. * For more information: //*

An optimized stairwell

Lanoë Marion To lose nothing of the 79 square meters at his disposal, the interior designer slipped into the very bright stairwell of pretty little seats and additional storage. * For more information: //*

Lounge and bar at the same time

Lanoë Marion The living room, decorated in the same light tones, was designed to avoid owners, when receiving, having to go back and forth with the kitchen. A bar area has therefore been set up there, ideal for an aperitif. * For more information: //*

Under the eaves, the bedroom

Lanoë Marion The attic layout was cleverly done. The exposed beams and ample storage space on the side give this room with soft colors everything it needs. * For more information: //*

A fully equipped bathroom

Lanoë Marion Modern and very bright, the small bathroom has nothing to envy the larger ones. For more privacy, Marion Lanoë thought of installing a small wooden partition to insulate the toilets. * For more information: //*

Work and relaxation area

Lanoë Marion The office, also located under the eaves, is very bright thanks to its two velux windows. Cushions and pretty armchairs add a space for relaxation and, why not, for reading. * For more information: //*