Conforama: the Christmas 2015 collection

Conforama: the Christmas 2015 collection

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As the end of year celebrations approach, some of us wonder how we are going to be able to decorate our interior like our table for Christmas. For this very special occasion, Conforama is selling several festive objects. Presentation.

Nice table service

Conforama What better opportunity than the Christmas meal to invest in a new table service? Very pretty and refined with its golden powder, the 18-piece Galactica service can also be used for other special occasions. * Galactica 18-piece service, € 39 at Conforama *

Cutlery that shines

Conforama For Christmas Eve, bet on more original than your usual silver cutlery, Conforama offers golden or coppery housewives. * 16-piece stainless steel Jet Or cutlery set, € 39 at Conforama / 16-piece stainless steel Aero copper cutlery set, € 29 at Conforama *

Let's not forget the menu

Conforama Preparing and printing a nice menu to make your guests' mouth water is always a good idea. This year, rather than simply placing them on plates, opt for pretty supports. Simple but effective. * Copper menu holders, € 3 for a box of 4 at Conforama *

Christmas touches everywhere in the house

Conforama A festive decoration is only complete if it extends from the table to the rest of the house. To make your living room a little bit more Christmas-like, you can hang this pretty golden hexagon mirror on the wall. * Golden hexagon mirror, € 39.99 at Conforama *

Your lucky star

Conforama You absolutely need one for Christmas, whether it is at the very top of the tree or simply hung somewhere in the living room. This pretty vintage star lights up to take better care of you and your tribe. * Vintage star, € 79.90 at Conforama *

The essential tree

Conforama Let's vary a little. Who said that it was mandatory to go to the forest to find a beautiful and large green fir tree? Artificial trees, like this one, have just as much cachet and are more original. Little extra: you can use it year and year. * Black glitter fir (150cm high), € 35 at Conforama *

Santa Claus' little bear

Conforama This year, Conforama offers several decorative objects specially created for Christmas. This little bear will add a festive touch to a Tristoune chest of drawers. * Polar bear, 25 € at Conforama *

A little bit of light

Conforama If it is usually the gifts that make the eyes of the little ones shine, this one shines by itself. Hanging from the tree or a chandelier, it will keep your guests waiting until the (real) gifts open. * Bright gift, € 2 at Conforama *

Santa's reindeer

Conforama What would become of Santa Claus without his reindeer? Thanks to Conforama, you too can own one. This one does not help anyone to distribute the gifts but will illuminate your entry, your stay or, why not, your garden. * Luminous reindeer, € 59.90 at Conforama *


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