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10 sofas that have marked the history of design

10 sofas that have marked the history of design

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Whether it's Cloverleaf by Verpan, Pumpkin by Pierre Paulin or even the sofa by Florence Knoll, have you always wanted to offer yourself one of these legendary pieces of furniture? offers you an overview of sofas whose reputation has gone down in history.

The Strips sofa

Arflex Launched in 1972 by Cini Boeri, the Strips sofa is a real innovation in its time. Its specificity? It has a removable quilted cover, also used as a cover when it is a sofa bed. So popular, the Strips sofa has been installed in different museums around the world!

Togo sofa

Ligneroset Composed entirely of foam, the Togo is a sofa with a particular architecture that fits in with both contemporary and stylish furniture. Without hard spots, the Togo sofa is both soft and firm.

The Pumpkin sofa

Ligneroset Created by Pierre Paulin in the early 1970s, the Pumpkin sofa was intended to be installed in the private apartments of Georges Pompidou, within the Palais de l'Elysée itself. Its pumpkin shape and sparkling colors make the Pumpkin a haven of peace and relaxation.

The Swan Sofa

Fritzhansen Designed by Arne Jacobsen in 1958 and manufactured by Fritz Hansen from 1964 to 1974, the Swan sofa was to decorate the lounges, restaurants and suites of the SAS hotel. Returned to the market in the early 2000s, the Swan sofa seduces with its particular curves reminiscent of those of the swan and the egg.

The Cloverleaf sofa

Verpan Designed and designed in 1969 by Verpan, the Cloverleaf is a very original sofa that will fit perfectly into a designer and contemporary interior. It is indeed a modular sofa composed of a central part, a right part and a left part that can be connected. A real gem!

LC5 sofa

Cassina Created in 1934 by Le Corbusier and readapted in 2014 by the Le Corbusier Foundation and successions Charlotte Perriand, Pierre Jeanneret, the LC5 is a sofa with clean lines and undeniable charm. The original LC5 is now in the apartment of the Le Corbusier couple in Paris.

The Living Tower sofa

Vitra The very particular design of the Living Tower by Verner Panton meets the requirements of the 1960s. With its two meters high, this extravagant sofa can be used on four different levels and offers surprising comfort. There is no doubt that many hours of discussion will take place in this original shaped sofa!

Florence Knoll's sofa Designed in 1954, Florence Knoll's sofa will seduce more than one! With its geometric and sober lines, the Florence Knoll will suit as well a design and refined interior as an industrial or vintage interior. An excellent choice to make in short!

The Marshmallow sofa

Vitra Created by George Nelson in 1956, this exceptional sofa is composed of a steel structure surmounted by a dozen multicolored cushions. Deliciously colorful, the Marshmallow sofa will be the quirky touch that your decor lacked!


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