Deco all in cardboard

Deco all in cardboard

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The craze for furniture and cardboard decoration continues to grow. Green, light and resistant, the objects are numerous and all prettier than each other. We have prepared a selection for you that should convert you to decor while cardboard!

Pretty sheep


It wanders for nothing, this little sheep in kraft cardboard will dress your desk and give it a touch of madness! € 12 at Cocorikraft

Original lights

Etsy / ConziConception

When you are imaginative and very creative, there is no limit to creating cardboard objects. So why not a silver table lamp! Lit when it is dark, it lets in light and makes pretty shadows dance on the walls. Silver table lamp, € 39 at CoZiConception

Buck the deer

Cardboard Safari

This is a hunting trophy that does no harm to the animals. Buck the deer is entirely made of cardboard and decorates your walls in an original way. Buck the deer, around € 48.50 for the large size at Cardboard Safari

Table lamp


All the objects in the house turn into cardboard. This red table lamp has nothing to envy its cousins ​​made of non-recyclable materials and moves more easily thanks to the lightness of the cardboard. "Biancaneve" red table lamp, price on request at

For our children

Decorative cardboard

Our children's toys are also affected by cardboard fashion. We love this miniature stove with a nice vintage look. Children's stove, € 135 at Carton deco

A cardboard box spring

It Design

Can a long cardboard folded like an accordion really serve as a mattress? The proof in pictures! Practical, the * itbed * can fold and fold in a few seconds. It is available in two sizes and in an optimized version for futon as for classic mattress. Itbed, prices and information on request on

Pretty tart stools


For breakfast, take a seat on these pretty cardboard vitamin stools and taste your orange or lemon juice. "Maks orange" and "Maks Zitrone" stools, € 19.60 each on

High-tech cardboard

Cardboard Safari

Cardboard items are not only decorative, they can also be very useful. This is in any case the case for this iPad case with a vintage television look. We love ! TV for iPad, around € 26.60 at Cardboard Safari

Do-it-yourself decor


Hard to believe but this pretty wall decoration was made from rolls of toilet paper. A very simple DIY which has its effect: just fold and cut the rolls then paint and fix it as desired. Source: Chuansong