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The 13 Christmas desserts

The 13 Christmas desserts

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Traditionally, in Provence, we cook thirteen desserts to celebrate Christmas with dignity. invites you to discover as many classic or revisited recipes to give you ideas and satisfy your guests! Whether they are typically from the South of France or not, they will delight the taste buds of young and old!

The real recipe for Aix calissons

A sun lunch Follow the recipe step by step to get one of the essential treats from the South of France! Made from candied almonds and melons, Aix calissons combine softness and crunchiness to perfection. Serve with a spice tea or coffee at Christmas time. Source:

An original and traditional dessert

Ptite cuisine by Pauline Unlike the classic Montélimar nougat, black nougat comes straight from Provence. It consists of lavender honey, almonds and sugar. If you don't like chocolate or get bored of it quickly, it's a good idea to add a sweet taste at the end of a meal. Source:

A typical Provencal cake

Cocineraloca For novices, this cake is called an oil pump. We can already smell the good smell of olive oil from here and we can hear the field of cicadas! And for good reason, it is a traditional cake from the Provence region, in the South of France, made of olive of course. Source:

The game, another Provencal treasure

Sweet Paul Like the oil pump, game is one of the thirteen Christmas desserts that are traditionally prepared in Provence. It looks like a flat brioche. For an optimal taste, it is preferable to make the leaven the day before and bake it the next day. There is also a version with sweet green anise. Source: Sweet Paul

Calissons revisited

Carnets Parisiens Here is another recipe for calissons, brought up to date! These delicacies are made from, not melon, but candied orange and ginger. A good alternative to present a classic dessert in a contemporary version. Source:

Mercotte nougat

Mercotte Follow the wise advice of the food blogger Mercotte and start creating a homemade nougat! One thing is certain, you will not be disappointed with the texture. You can also make the same recipe but add chocolate. Source:

Christmas bugnes

Délice Céleste Bugnes come straight from the Lyon region. If they are eaten at Mardi Gras, there are also a lot of them at Christmas time. So certainly it is not a very light dessert but we love it! The recipe only requires basic ingredients, so it's your turn! Source:

Beggars of Provence

Four seasons in the garden In Provence, another specialty invades bakeries and chocolate shops at Christmas time: beggars! And yet, there is nothing easier to do yourself! Melt the chocolate which you will spread in a thin layer, in a mold or simply on parchment paper, and sprinkle it with dried fruits and nuts. Place everything in the oven and let cool. Source:

Our grandmother's orange fruit paste

My Culinary Inspirations To change from the inevitable Yule log, here is a simple recipe that will take you back to childhood. Follow the preparation steps reported by Samar's cooking blog and you will tell me about it! Of course, if you don't like orange, you can replicate this recipe with lemon or clementines. Source:

A caramel and fleur de sel log

Chloé Délice In order not to fall for a classic chocolate log, Chloé Délice invites you to make a recipe from caramel and fleur de sel, for a result that melts in your mouth! With a touch of salt, it is an original pastry that will surprise your guests. Source: Chloé Délice

The brioche of Saint Nicolas

La curieuse-mon blog Loisirs Before Christmas, there is Saint Nicolas! The celebration of this festival, which takes place on December 6, also involves the tasting of a small brioche in the shape of a snowman. It is a tradition for children's breakfast that adults perpetuate! We wonder why ... Source:

A tangy fruit paste

chefNini It is more rarely found, but the apple fruit paste has a milder taste, which will particularly appeal to children. It is prepared with homemade apple sauce, which means that the more quality your fruit, the better the treats! Source: