The bathroom in teen mode

The bathroom in teen mode

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Because teenagers increasingly have their own bathroom, it is important that they make it their own with a decor that suits them. Also, we have selected 10 bathrooms for teens to get some decorative ideas!

A practical bathroom

Ikea So that the bathroom for teens is complete, consider installing a sink, cupboards that will serve as mirrors but also a shower. On the decor side, play the contemporary card and opt for a graphic shower curtain.

A teenage bathroom

Ikea For girls, we put on a bathroom with feminine accents. You can even choose to install a small bathtub if you opt for a small vanity unit.

A colorful bathroom

Sanijura For a dynamic bathroom, we put on bright colors as much in the vanity unit, as the floor or the wall tiles. We mix bright colors that will put your teen in a good mood in the morning.

A bathroom for several teens

Porcelanosa If several of your teenagers share the same bathroom, you can opt for a basin for each and bet on a different color that will differentiate the spaces of each teenager.

A funny bathroom

La Redoute To please teens, you can play the funny decor card by opting for a patterned shower curtain with frogs for example. Do not hesitate to let your teenager choose the theme of the room.

A two-tone bathroom

Leroy Merlin To set the tone for teens' bathrooms, opt for a dynamic color code by using a duo of yellow and green. Play the fun decor card by choosing an alphabet shower curtain.

A bathroom as an extension of the bedroom

Mobalpa If your teenager's bathroom is open to their bedroom, you will need to choose a decoration that matches the rest of the room. Here, the red of the walls is found in the bathroom and the furniture echoes the urban style.

A double bathroom

Mobalpa If two girls live in the bathroom, each offer their space with separate vanity units and a shower in the center that will link the two spaces.

An original bathroom

Alinéa Because teenagers like to break codes, we leave aside traditional furniture in favor of metal furniture that gives a trendy side to this room.