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The Alinéa Christmas Collection 2015

The Alinéa Christmas Collection 2015

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The end of year celebrations are always a perfect time to review its decoration and give it a sparkling and magical touch. For this occasion, Alinéa invites you to discover its four atmospheres for a very trendy Christmas: scandi, sweet, ice cream and traditional. From the decoration of the tree and the festive table to the illuminations or the presents, the brand has thought of everything!


Alinéa Because the end of year celebrations are also the occasion to meet and feast, surrounded by those we love around a pretty table, Alinéa has imagined a collection of accessories to receive. Presentation plates, champagne flutes, sets of aperitif picks… stock up on ideas to set up a warm table around which to gather with style and gaiety.

Sweet Christmas

Alinéa By their soft openings and their silver finish in stainless steel, these pretty lanterns will bring cheerfulness and color wherever they are hung. A beautiful way to give a magical touch to its interior.

Cosmic light

Paragraph The candle is an unstoppable way to promote escape. With their round and soft shapes, their red and gray shades, the Stripe scented candles invite you to gather around the family or friendly sphere. A real treat !


Alinéa For a festive decor inspired by tradition and folklore, Alinéa has imagined a selection of accessories in red, white and silver tones where the notions of warmth and sharing coexist harmoniously.

You have a message

Alinéa Placed inside the house to mark the end of year celebrations, this bright decoration with the inscription "Joyeuses Fêtes" will bring a nice dose of cheerfulness to your space, with ease. With eight functions, you can vary the animations of your message for more originality.

Sweet treats

Alinéa From the vase to the candle holders or the cushions, Alinéa invites you to discover its gourmet selection of festive accessories in powdery colors. A good way to reconcile sweetness of life and indulgence in a single space.


Alinéa Immaculate little houses inspired by Nordic houses, luminous garlands in the shape of branches and two-tone balls… it was enough to fall for this festive decoration with a well-asserted style!

Little sweets

Alinéa Trends and synonyms of comfort, the cushion and the plaid have become essentials in our homes. So, to bring a warm touch to your stay, do not hesitate to invest in the Tigroo brown plaid which will become your ally for cool evenings. And for a polar holiday look, we select this soft cushion in gray tones with a beautiful wolf head.

Exotic touch

Alinéa With their soft colors and adorable graphic patterns, these four small cups accompanied by their spoons are a delight. A gift that will surely please our mothers who enjoy pampering afternoons.


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