Discover the latest 2016 innovations from Gaggenau

Discover the latest 2016 innovations from Gaggenau

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In preview, the high-end designer brand specializing in household appliances Gaggenau did us the honor of inviting us to its exceptional showroom to discover its latest innovations. On the program: a revolutionary combi-steam oven and a new range of FlexInductions table. Discovery!

An innovative cooking method

Gaggenau Result, the nutrients, vitamins and minerals are fully preserved and the shelf life of food is extended.

Racy aesthetics

Gaggenau Series 400 combi-steamers are available in two colors: anthracite and stainless steel. These two finishes emphasize the aesthetics and the quality of the equipment and go well with all styles of cuisine for a chic and elegant result.

An original cleaning concept

Gaggenau Inspired by the requirements of the kitchens of top chefs, Gaggenau presents a new fully automatic cleaning system for combi-steamers of the series with direct connection to the water supply.


Gaggenau Screwed on the ceiling of the oven, a cartridge allows water to be sprayed on all walls thanks to its ring located at the inlet. As a result, the oven is clean in just 3:45. Bonus, the water consumption is reduced. Another advantage and not least, this system requires no monitoring. Day and night it can therefore be activated. Combi-steam oven Series 400 BS 470 / BS 471 / BS 484 / BS 455 Price: 4,850 euros / 6,200 euros

A great performance

Gaggenau Using several cooking zones at different temperatures is now possible thanks to Gaggenau's new range of FlexInduction tables. Combining speed and precision of cooking, these offer unequaled cooking flexibility.

As a leader

Gaggenau Thanks to its new function aptly called "professional cooking", the user has three cooking zones with a preset temperature. Note that this can be modified as required.

Perfect cooking

Gaggenau In addition, Gaggeneau offers a function that allows you to quickly alternate the cooking of dishes. It could not be easier ! Just move the pots and pans from one side of the table to the other. Cooking has never been easier!

Technicality and reliability

Gaggenau With the new Frying Sensor mode, the brand also offers a feat in terms of technicality and reliability that will surely appeal to lovers of gastronomy. What is special about this mode? It allows you to indicate when the desired temperature is reached which allows a constant temperature from start to finish. Also note that the table can be adjusted to 5 different temperatures for more accurate cooking.

Beautiful design

Gaggenau For this new range, the brand has finally imagined a new concept of sleek control panel in white and orange which displays the functions for simple, easy and precise use. Rotatable and magnetic, the Twist-Pad button is used to activate and adjust each cooking zone. Bonus, it is removable which makes it easier to clean the table and secure its use. CI 282 110/100 with or without stainless steel - professional cooking - width 80 cm: 2,050 euros CI 272 110/100 with or without stainless steel - width 70 cm: 1,690 euros CI 262 113/103 with or without stainless steel - width 60 cm : 1,460 euros CI 261,113 width 60 cm: 1,250 euros