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My living room around the television

My living room around the television

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In modern living rooms, it is the television that determines the location of the entire living room! But it is not always easy to build the latter by making a good part on the screen. To help you, we offer 10 lounges that put TV in the spotlight.

TV disappears into the wall

Fly In this contemporary living room, the television should not shade the beautiful furniture. We then chose a white model that disappears in the immaculate white wall of the living room. Only the image is drawn on the wall surface for a chic and contemporary look.

Original TV like living room furniture

Fly In this living room, the furniture is not lacking in character with a sofa in shades of color. A television at the height of the living room was then needed! The frame of the screen thus takes on black and white like the sofa and sports a very graphic style which propels television to the rank of a contemporary painting.

A TV like an open window

Fly In this chic rustic interior, the television was not easy to integrate into the living room. However, it finds its place by echoing the bay window windows which are pierced on the wall which hosts the screen. Arrange on a piece of furniture in the style of the living room, it is an integral part of the room.

A discreet television

Purpose In this living room facing the television screen, you can adjust the visibility of the screen thanks to a translucent sliding panel. So, when you have guests, the television is discreet without completely disappearing.

Television in the foreground

Purpose In this living room with pop furniture, the television is the heart of the room by settling in a very original piece of furniture that surrounds the screen to create a real setting. Television thus attracts all the attention.

A television ready to disappear

Fly In this lounge, you can choose between a book and television. When you prefer to read, the television will disappear in the furniture and will only reveal the ultra design and refined style of the furniture.

A television in front of the sofa

Purpose To maximize the visibility of the screen from the sofa, you will bet on a sofa right in front of the television. And to dress the screen and make it larger, we integrate it into a wall unit that also serves as a library and storage.

A television for a very TV corner

Purpose To make TV the centerpiece of your space, you can also choose to create a special corner. Your TV room will present a beautiful screen, a piece of furniture that highlights it and above all a carpet and several cushions to settle in comfortably.

A color television

But Finally, for the television to be the centerpiece of the living room, you can install it on an ultra-colorful wall that will serve as a backdrop and enhance the images. Place the TV on a minimalist piece of furniture to bring out the size of the screen.


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