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Revamp your kitchen at a low price

Revamp your kitchen at a low price

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Do you want to change your kitchen without completely redoing the room and with a minimal budget? It's possible ! There are a multitude of tricks and little things that will change the space completely! Follow the guide.

Swap your chairs for more modern seating

Casanaute To change the style of your kitchen, you can also replace a single element, such as the chairs. Whether you have a dining area or simply a work plan where you can lean back, change the seating model or opt for slightly retro bar stools.

Install a designer pendant light

Picslovin To give the room a facelift, choose new suspensions. Place the fixture over a work surface or dining area to provide more light to the spaces you use the most in the room, especially if your kitchen does not let in lots of natural light.

Change the valve

Design faucet This will not cost you much but will bring a touch of modernity to your kitchen. Choose a more functional faucet or a colorful or original shape.

Painting old wooden furniture

Virginie Bouvard If your kitchen is rustic, even a little dated, do as Virginie Bouvard does. The founder of the blog Cloporte has completely repainted her wooden furniture in a bright and inexpensive white color. Consider choosing a stain resistant and washable paint.

Replace your old dishes

Darty To make your storage space welcome a new set, say goodbye to the dishes you've been using for years and gradually buy different cutlery, glasses and plates. Also install shelves to replace your cupboards to save space and display your new dishes.

Paint a wall in one color

Ikea Bring a touch of color to the kitchen, painting a wall or applying patterned wallpaper. Regarding the choice of color, it's up to you to harmonize this section of wall with other decorative elements such as a lamp, a trash can or household appliances.

Hang a credenza bar

Darty If you do not want to repaint or change your credenza, another alternative is available to you. Install a so-called splashback bar to hang your utensils. In addition to being practical, this device will give a clean look to your kitchen.

Buy a colored trash can

Vipp Without breaking the bank, you can find a pretty colorful and functional trash can, which will go perfectly with the furniture and storage space in your kitchen. Opt for a pedal or electric model, which opens automatically when you pass in front of it.

Make your own buttons and cupboard handles

Mariekke Here is a very easy Do It Yourself: the orange leather cupboard handles. Blogger Mariekke made these little buttons for all of her kitchen storage to bring a touch of color to zero budget!