A colored sofa for my living room!

A colored sofa for my living room!

Tired of the black, brown, white and beige that you usually find on the living room sofas? Treat yourself and opt for a colorful sofa that will be the centerpiece of your living room. We have selected 10 colorful sofas for you!

Harmonious blue

Ikea Blue is a very soothing color that is sure to create a beautiful harmony in your living room. A blue sofa combined with white walls will create a modern and refreshing style.

Passion red

Ikea In decoration, red is a very strong color which always has a nice effect in decoration. To avoid painting the walls in this color, we prefer a bright red sofa that will bring the color into your living room in the blink of an eye.

Orange pop

Fly The ultimate pop color is orange! And for a tangy atmosphere in the living room, we will not only bet on a sofa in this bright color but we will also match a piece of furniture like a bookcase to accentuate the effect.

Gourmet fuchsia

Fly Do you want to pick up a fairly neutral decoration that mainly uses white and gray? Opt for fuchsia which will bring a touch of cheerfulness while gluttony thanks to its bold and sweet color.

Strong mustard

Fly Better than yellow, mustard does not fail to enhance the decor by bringing it a very trendy vintage touch. A mustard sofa will easily find its place in a decor with Scandinavian accents with white and wood but also touches of green.

Deep green

Habitat For a chic nature atmosphere, we opt for a deep green sofa that will find its place in a decor with variations of blue, lighter green and yellow. In the background, opt for neutral colors like white or gray.

Tart green

La Redoute For a more refreshing note, turn instead to the side of light green which will marvelously combine with gray and black in order to bring out its tart hue even more.

Dark blue

Alinéa For an atmosphere that is both pop and urban, you can bet on a contemporary sofa that sports a fairly dark blue. To create a trendy decorative effect, combine touches of red.

Romantic rose

Fly And to give a chic romantic atmosphere to your living room, bet on pastel pink which will not fail to offer a powdery tone to your decor. Stay in elegance with a gray and white decor that highlights the pink color.