A tastefully renovated Barcelona apartment

A tastefully renovated Barcelona apartment

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A marriage of neutral colors, warm materials, a few exceptional pieces ... this is the latest renovation of the YLAB architecture studio, which has succeeded in transforming this space, formerly narrow and not very bright, into a real jewel. Discover the places in pictures!

A redesigned interior

Tobias Laarmann The objective of the project: to focus on the common areas - living room, dining room and kitchen in particular - in order to make them larger and brighter than they really are thanks to an opening on the balcony and the views of the city of Barcelona.

3 in one

Tobias Laarmann To answer the problem of owners who wanted a light and airy space, the architects decided to connect the kitchen, the living room and the dining room together. Result, a common space where life is good.

A bright living room

Tobias Laarmann A bay window dressed in black punctuates the living room and dining room, both open to the kitchen and provides access to the outdoor terrace.

Bold association

Tobias Laarmann To enhance the warm and authentic atmosphere of the space, ivory white has been combined with oak wood finishes and touches of dark graphite.

Nice contrast

Tobias Laarmann In the kitchen, the association between certain noble materials and others more natural gives this space while contrasting that touch that characterizes it. A search for simplicity and elegance which underlines a desire to get to the point.

Beautiful composition

Tobias Laarmann The originality of the project: this pretty wooden credenza accompanied by these storage shelves. In harmony with the dining table, they have everything good!


Tobias Laarmann The main color of the apartment is ivory white. A shade that goes perfectly with the colors and materials selected by the YLAB architecture agency and enhances the space by making it zen and bright.

Zen and cozy

Tobias Laarmann If the colors of the bedroom are in harmony with the rest of the apartment, the bathroom intrigues with its Zen and exotic atmosphere. Here, large gray porcelain tiles adorn the room, with the exception of the ceiling clad in oak wood. The result is a modern and warm decor.

Small refuge

Tobias Laarmann Outside, on the terrace, a rest area consisting of a wooden coffee table and benches has been installed for a special moment of relaxation.