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10 Scandinavian salons spotted on Pinterest

10 Scandinavian salons spotted on Pinterest

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Soft and natural materials, pastel colors, fabrics with vivid and graphic prints, clean lines ... the Scandinavian style is second to none to create a cozy and even cocooning atmosphere in our living rooms. The proof in pictures !

Shade of neutral colors

My elegant home If the Scandinavian style gives pride of place to pastel colors, for a 100% Nordic interior it is however necessary to start on a base of more neutral colors: gray, white and taupe. Ideal for a sober and minimalist interior. Source: El pais de Sarah

The omnipresence of wood

Maisons du monde With our Scandinavian friends, wood is king! This is why we no longer hesitate to opt for this warm and natural material. From the floor to the furniture, passing by simple decorative objects… it's very simple, wood is omnipresent! Privileged in clean but design forms, it creates a restful space where life is good.

Sweetness of life

Fantastic frank What we like in the Scandinavian style? Its ability to combine elements and materials with simplicity and elegance. A graphic carpet here, a woolen plaid there… everything is done to combat the great cold and offer us a cozy little nest where it is good to curl up! Source: Fantastic Frank

Soft colors

Maisons du monde Placed under the sign of relaxation and simplicity, the Scandinavian lounge puts on pastel tones ... Soft and delicate colors that we like to integrate into our Nordic style interior.

Clean forms

Lanoë marion Another characteristic of the Scandinavian style: the shapes of its furniture, generally smooth and rounded. Clean but stylish, no frills but ultra decorative, Scandinavian furniture really has it all! Source: Lanoë marion

Make way for geometric patterns

Stadshem Unlike other styles, Scandinavian decoration knows how to show imagination and naturally coordinates with other influences. The proof in pictures with this graphic rug that fits wonderfully into this Nordic interior. Source: Grann inredning

A cozy sofa

The redoubt Interiors The Scandinavian style puts above all on a cozy and cocooning atmosphere. Certain elements are thus essential, it is the case of the sofa on which one installs a sheepskin or a soft plaid.

Invest in designer pieces

Maisons du monde - Goldie london Who says Scandinavian style inevitably says designer or vintage furniture from major publishers. Sideboard, consoles, sofas or coffee tables ... it only takes one room to create the atmosphere. Source: Hellö blogzine - Hellö blogzine

Make way for light

No home without you In Nordic interiors, light has a very important place. Each of the rooms is populated with table lamps, garlands, floor lamps and other suspensions of all kinds. To create an intimate interior, we therefore put on lighting! Source: Miss Claudine


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