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Léo le pirate, the dream decor for children

Léo le pirate, the dream decor for children

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No more running around the shops to find a night light in the shape of delicious cupcakes, a vintage chair or educational and creative games. The solution: the Léo le pirate store. Bringing together more than 150 brands of childish decoration, it takes us back to childhood and allows us to find beautiful design and vintage pieces restored or left as is. We open the doors to this little paradise!

Design office

Léo le pirate A refined and clever style, a retro design embellished with dapper colors, this is an office of choice that will undoubtedly please the most studious. Hyppolite secretary: 765 euros

Cozy nest

Léo le pirate Designed like a real little house, this bed made of noble and natural materials will quickly become your child's hideout. A little hiding place perfect for dreaming, reading or going crazy! Toddler bed: 810 euros

Cozy cocoon

Léo le pirate Since our blond heads love small cabins, we offer them this immaculate dream house, ideal for playing and inventing pretty stories. Customizable at will, we don't hesitate to accessorize it with light garlands, delicate sheer curtains, a soft carpet and cushions. Your kids will love it! Design house: 199 euros

A retro cooker

Léo le pirate A real favorite for this dream cooker with a design of yesteryear, ideal for nostalgic little girls and mothers. Handcrafted, it has been designed down to the smallest detail to satisfy the whims of our little girls. Retro stove: 295 euros

Charming houses

Léo le pirate Small cheerful and dynamic little houses, a house in kit to build according to his desires… we crack on these pretty geometric stickers, ultra graphics, which bring a playful note to the nursery and older ones. Frieze Small houses: 29 euros Stickers My small house: 39 euros

A mobile to adopt

Léo le pirate Adopt without delay one of these pretty mobiles that revisit with humor and tenderness the world of the circus. Version balancing hippopotamus or cat in full exercise ... it's up to you! Mobile circus Hippo and The cat: 47 euros

A nice early learning toy

Léo le pirate Designed to awaken our little ones to beautiful sounds and pretty shapes, the set of 3 Mini maracas rattles will quickly become the playmate of the little ones. Good to know: the colors and varnishes adorning each of the rattles are certified non-toxic. Another good reason to succumb therefore! Mini maracas: 32 euros

A playful cushion

Léo le pirate With its soft and delicate colors and its original design, this small cushion will bring a sweet poetic note to baby cribs and those of older children. Pink or gray apple cushion: 70 euros

Bohemian spirit

Léo le pirate Nothing like this garland handmade in India in lokta paper to bring a festive air, bohemian version to the room of our toddlers. Chic and natural, it has everything! Maya garland: 19 euros