Classic wallpaper gives new style

Classic wallpaper gives new style

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The trend is towards know-how. A fashion that also affects wallpaper. But it is by making a good step back several centuries that it appears in the house. Motifs and period drawings dating from the 18th century and the 19th century reinterpret your decor for a very modern look back.

Classic wallpaper

** Classic wallpaper ** The exacerbated scrolls of this wallpaper are full of style to offer your interior all the know-how of centuries of yesteryear.

Grandeco masirat medallion

** Grandeco masirato medallion wallpaper ** The patterns of this wallpaper can be drawn without ostentation. Upholstered halfway up, it brightens up the walls of the room with its generous curves, without overloading the whole.


** Gloockler Adelphi wallpaper ** In the variations of green, this ornamental wallpaper contrasts with offset furniture to break with the very classic spirit of the motif.

As creation murano

** Wallpaper AS creation murano ** On a wall section or more daring in total look this wallpaper, of baroque inspiration, becomes infatuated with the walls of all the rooms of the house, even those of the bathroom.


** Wallpaper Toile de jouy Lutèce ** In a more contemporary treatment with the background stripes, the patterns of the Jouy canvas at Lutèce are stylized and tell a story that we never tire of.

Florient Klein

** Floriant Klein wallpaper ** By taking up the patterns and colors of the 18th and 19th centuries, this wallpaper prints, in the room, a very aristocratic identity all the more supported by the marble fireplace and the bust.


** Glimmerous Graham and Brown wallpaper ** With a feminine motif, the flower clusters framed with stylized knots combine classic decoration and romanticism. Fresh and drawn in tone on tone, the drawings are displayed delicately so as not to visually clutter the room.

Burgundy wallpaper

** Wallpaper Rasch Collection Trianon Adelphi ** The burgundy color stands out on the shelves of clothing stores, here it also makes its appearance in decoration. But this time count on an Empire spirit where stylized patterns and austere stripes mix.

G & B

** Graham and Brown wallpaper ** The white background of the wallpaper detaches the small red scenes from the motif. Placed in a room with Baroque decoration, it contrasts nicely with the black furniture of Empire spirit.