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Kvik, the new kitchen 2016

Kvik, the new kitchen 2016

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Kvik, the Danish furniture brand presents its new collection of kitchens at "unbeatable" prices. Design and modern, they will delight more than one. Presentation.


Kvik It is never compulsory to buy all the elements of your kitchen of the same color. The proof is with this proposal from the Danish brand Kvik whose bottom elements are in white lacquer and those suspended in pretty gray wood. * Mano & Ice Wood kitchen: * ** € 2,300 **

A long kitchen

Kvik It sometimes happens that the kitchen is in a place of passage. If so, take the example from the image to install your furniture along the walls to avoid possible clutter. * Mano cuisine: * ** € 6,020 **

Built-in kitchen

Kvik For a space saving effect, Kvik offers to arrange its "Mano" kitchen in the recesses of the wall. Fully recessed, it blends in completely with the decor. * Mano cuisine: * ** € 8,690 **

The kitchen as separation

Kvik If you are lucky enough to have a very large living room, separating the dining room from the living room by installing the kitchen in the middle as in the image is a nice solution. * Mano cuisine: * ** from € 5,666 **

A very large central island

Kvik When the size of the room allows, you can install a second worktop parallel to the stove. A beautiful version of the American kitchen which allows, in addition, to have more storage. * Tinta White kitchen: *** € 3,729 **

The details that change everything

Kvik To avoid the block effect of a kitchen whose elements are dark in color, the "Tinta Masculine" models are adorned with bands of light gold. * Tinta Black kitchen: *** € 3,432 **

On blue background

Kvik To enhance an immaculate kitchen, why not paint the back wall of the room in a darker color? Here, Kvik has opted for a beautiful deep blue. * Senti Gloss kitchen: *** € 3,730 **

Mix genres

Kvik The kitchen elements offered by Kvik in 2016 are resolutely modern. We can see here that they go very well with exposed beams and therefore a more vintage universe. * Senti Hero cuisine: * ** € 3,490 **

Clean style

Kvik Kvik's "Mirto" kitchen goes perfectly with the sleek style of this loft with impressive high ceilings. * Mirto cuisine: * ** € 3,375 ** * Source: Kvik *


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