Decorative coaching: Abdoulaye's stay and cooking

Decorative coaching: Abdoulaye's stay and cooking

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Abdoulaye bought an apartment of around 80 m2. It has a double living room with large windows opening onto a balcony. The apartment has been repainted in white, but the carpet-covered floor is stained and very worn. The load-bearing wall which separates the kitchen and the living room will be demolished to create a large living room. Abdoulaye likes white and refined atmospheres and is particularly fond of the Scandinavian style. The kitchen, which dates from the 1970s and 1980s, is in good condition but very dated. Abdoulaye therefore called on the interior decoration coaching agency Mon Interior Sur Mesure, to transform his living room and his kitchen.

The layout of the show after the works

Agence Mon Intérieur Sur Mesure The living room will now be open to the kitchen with its central work plan, the wall in imitation white bricks and will be composed of a fixed corner sofa in anthracite gray in a vintage spirit, with a double coffee table in dark wood, a graphic rug in gray, white and blue shades, a design and vintage blue armchair and a white, wooden TV stand. Decorative elements will be present: a double collage allowing the personalization of the places by photos without additional wall drilling, a white metal suspension. At Abdoulaye's request, the MISM agency installed a sliding door in raw wood with visible rail between the living room and the dining room.

The layout of the dining room after the work

Agence Mon Intérieur Sur Mesure The dining room will be composed in the same vintage Scandinavian white spirit as the living room (and this, by keeping the same range of furniture as for the latter). The space will include a dining table with 4 padded white chairs, 2 identical sideboards, a mirror and a floor lamp to "dress" the walls, a pendant lamp.

The living room sketch

Agence Mon Intérieur Sur Mesure A vintage blue armchair was installed in the living room.

The living room sketch

Agence Mon Intérieur Sur Mesure A double jumble allows you to personalize the walls.

The stay trend board

My Interior Interior Agency At the request of Abdoulaye, the MISM agency provided a Scandinavian atmosphere in the living room.

The dining room trend board

Agence Mon Intérieur Sur Mesure The furniture in the dining room is also in Scandinavian style.

Inventory: a kitchen in good condition, but dated

My Interior Interior Agency The MISM agency offers Abdoulaye to redesign the entire kitchen area.

The layout plan of the kitchen after the work

My Custom Interior Agency The partition wall with the entrance will be demolished, and replaced by a Placo® formwork for the insertion of the 1.8 m fridge / freezer. A hole will be made between the living room and this kitchen, allowing faster access to the living room and the installation of a work plan (which can be used as a counter, dining table or additional work plan). This will be made of wood, like the rest of the kitchen worktops, and a cut will be made so that it fits into the remaining partition head. A stainless steel leg will strengthen its stability and it will be completed by 2 high white wooden stools. This wall head will be finished with white brick print wallpaper to accentuate the raw Scandinavian spirit of the new living room.

The kitchen sketch

Agence Mon Intérieur Sur Mesure The main wall will house a set of Metod Ringhult glossy white reference furniture from IKEA including 2 column furniture of a height of 1.4 m (one of which will allow the installation of the oven and the microphone -ondes). These 2 column units will have a white worktop in the high finish that the installer will cut on site, thus making it possible to offer an additional storage shelf if necessary. On the rest of the wall, low white furniture from the same range will complete the storage offer of this kitchen, combining furniture drawers, doors, location for dishwasher. A wooden worktop will be positioned, and a white sink and a hob will be integrated. No tall furniture will be installed to keep the spirit of the place clean. Only a white extractor hood will be positioned above the hob. The walls will be finished in smooth glass fabric and white paint, and at the worktop a white wall splashback from IKEA will be installed through the rails. An additional unit is provided above the fridge / freezer.

The kitchen trend board

Agency My Interior Custom Made As in the rest of the apartment, a soft floor imitation parquet will be laid. A white metal pendant light will also be hung.


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