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Beautiful makeup storage in the bathroom

Beautiful makeup storage in the bathroom

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Toiletry bags are not the only ones to support our collection of blush, brushes, mascaras and lipstick. Demonstration around storage ideas implanted in the bathroom!

In the drawer

Ikéa For the most meticulous and organized, there is nothing like a drawer fitted with dividers between which varnish, eyeshadows and lip gloss are installed. Real beauty expert storage!

In beautiful pots

Ikéa This is the most coveted storage for make-up, and we never get tired of it! Some decorative pots to administer a place for small, medium and large brushes, all preferably chosen in glam 'colors, black and fuchsia for example.

In the pocket

Ikéa Our precious beauty accessories can also be used on walls! This is what this hanging fabric storage boasts, in the pockets of which we have hand cream, hair brushes and the whole range of makeup.

Under bell

Alinéa The most girly of storage in terms of makeup is to put everything under a hood. Brushes, pencils and gloss become precious works to admire in the bathroom. The beginning of glamor!

On a platter

Ikéa In the bathroom, makeup makes its star. Served on a tray as if it were a precious object, varnish, eye shadows and blush make sure to stand out.

Locked in a cabinet

Lapeyre Behind the doors of this bathroom furniture hides a beauty area, spacious but extremely discreet. Skincare and make-up creams jostle there without anyone suspecting it.

On a shelf

Leroy Merlin Also very classic, the storage of makeup and beauty products on the shelf increases in value when it is uncovered.