A glamorous, very feminine bedroom

A glamorous, very feminine bedroom

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Are you single and want to express your femininity in your bedroom? Make it a highly glamorous place by appropriating chic and sensual codes. Do you lack inspiration? Discover our 20 glam 'top bedroom ideas!

Variation of pink

Conforama Of course, pink is also a color that will prove its worth without a glamorous bedroom by being installed both on the wall and on the curtains. And to energize the whole, you can bet on bed linen and decorative accessories purple and orange.

Hollywood glamor

Conforama For a touch of glamor Hollywood style, we put the package on white! We choose fairly feminine white furniture that we marry with purple walls to set the scene.

Sensual black

Conforama Create a very sensual atmosphere by making black the favorite dress of your room. And for an even more feminine touch, we introduce a few plum-colored touches with a seat, cushions and candle holders.

Hotel-style glamor

Ikea By keeping feminine tones, you can take inspiration from hotels to create your room. We then put on beautiful materials with thick curtains, opulent bed linen ... All that is missing is a slightly muffled light to create the atmosphere.

Black curiosity

Fly To give a mysterious and very glamorous look to your room, black and gray are your allies. They will create a shade of enveloping colors. And so that we don't forget that this is a girl's room, a few touches of purple on the bed will have their small effect.

Spirit of charm

Ikea Why not create a charming atmosphere in your interior to recall the boudoirs of yesteryear? We then put on a romantic canopy, black furniture and a bathtub in the bedroom to bask in femininity.

Spirit Sex and the city

Purpose For a glamorous and urban atmosphere, we count on the chic of a room inspired by Sex and the city. On the program: a textured black wall, elegant black furniture and touches of pink for femininity. The most decorative: a Parisian frieze settles on the wall.

Contemporary chic

La Redoute In this room, the designer furniture plays with a certain femininity by adopting brilliant materials. The other materials also have their effect with faux fur and velvet in an almost red rose.

Oriental glamor

Maisons du monde Finally, pink gives way to red for an oriental bedroom under the sign of passion. The materials are brilliant and will transform you into a princess of a thousand and one nights.

Glamor campaign

Alinéa Notice to you, who want to combine glamor and sweetness! We advise you to take inspiration from this ultra feminine atmosphere, made of pastel tones and light wooden furniture. You like ?

A colorful room

Bemz And who says feminine and glamorous room, says colors to give pep's to the space! The proof with this colorful and charming room.

A chic and feminine bedroom

Ikea Between white, blue and powder pink tones, wrought iron bed and lace sheers, this is a most feminine room. To reproduce without further delay!

Ethnic glamor

Maisons du Monde And to combine glamor with the desire to escape and travel, we adopt a colorful ethnic decor in the bedroom. Between travel memories and reclaimed furniture, this is a colorful atmosphere!

A room with a feminine charm

Ikea This is a feminine bedroom that particularly appeals to us. In addition to a subdued light and a decor full of charm, it is the overlay of quilts that caught our eye. An idea that inspires us!

Color pop

Bemz For a room that combines glamor and femininity, bet on bright and pop colors. In this room, it's the duvet cover and the cushions that play the color card and we love it!

Glamorous patterns

Bemz To twist the somewhat neutral atmosphere of the bedroom, we adopt glamorous patterns as desired! Nice example with this patchwork bed. Too much, you think?

White and a few splashes of color

Bemz And if you prefer a feminine atmosphere, very soft, favor neutral tones, with a touch of pastel.

Feminine pastel

AM PM In this atmosphere, we love the view of a terrace which gives pride of place to the greenery. The most decorative side? A boutis in neon tones that awakens the whole.

A feminine bedroom

Bemz Between pastel shades and 100% cozy furnishings, this is a most feminine room. Most ? Play the accumulation card by multiplying the number of soft cushions. We have only one desire: to curl up for hours!


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