10 DIY costumes to do at the last minute

10 DIY costumes to do at the last minute

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Make a stunning costume in two stages, three movements, mission impossible? Not at all ! The proof in pictures with these 10 DIY tutorials of last minute costumes, easy and quick to execute. To adopt without moderation!

A diving suit

Paul Ferney for Oh happy day On the same theme, fall for this more traditional but just as charming little diver costume. First step, sew the elastic bands together to form a case for the dummy oxygen bottle. Make sure that the straps are well installed on the shoulders and that they are fixed at the front. Form the fins with a piece of felt and then get diving equipment for a dummy child… and voila! All you have to do is ask your pretty blonde head to put on her costume! More info on this DIY: Oh happy day

Doll costume

Clover and dot Years go by and doll costumes are still popular. However, no need to spend a fortune on a disguise that your little girl will not put back in a year. The idea? Simply customize and accessorize a little dress using a dummy key designed using a cardboard cereal box and toilet paper, an apron, tights and ribbons. Nice isn't it? More info on this DIY: Clover and dot

A thief costume

Ashley Thalman for Say Yes Want to embody a modern day bandit? Dress in black pants and a black and white striped t-shirt. Then put on gloves, a hat and a black mask. Finally print on your computer the symbol of the American dollar then use it as a stencil to make your thief bag. Mini budget, maximum effect! More info on this DIY: Say Yes

A very bestial mask

Studio DIY Complete your zebra costume with an unusual and graphic mask. Designed using a party hat and a piece of cardboard covered with zebra lines and cut out in the shape of small ears, it will inevitably have its small effect! More info on this DIY: Studio DIY

A chewable costume!

A joyful riot The most gourmet will set their sights on this delicious cookie costume. To achieve it, follow step by step the tutorial overview on the nice blog A Joyful Riot, you will not be disappointed with the trip! More info on this DIY: A Joyful riot

A Lego costume

Baby Rabies Because our children love Legos, these little bricks of all colors… this is a costume that should certainly seduce them. To make it, nothing very complicated! All you need is an old cardboard box, eight wooden cylinders, blue paint and follow the instructions issued on Baby Rabies by blogger Jill. More info on this DIY: Baby Rabies

Mario Bros and Luigi costumes

Maker mama Fancy playing video game superheroes? These are two easy and quick disguises to make. Bring a white cap and spray green or red paint, depending on the character chosen. Be sure to attach one of the two stencils "M" or "L" created for the occasion beforehand. For whiskers, nothing could be simpler. Trace a mustache template on felt, cut it out and then attach a rubber band at both ends. All you have to do is dress your toddler in blue overalls and a red or green t-shirt… And that's the job! More info on this DIY: Maker mama

Unicorn costume

Twin dragonfly designs Easy and quick to make, this handmade costume did not go unnoticed by the editorial staff. You're just starting to sew, so have fun making this costume for your toddler using blue and purple felt and one of his favorite hooded tracksuits. Simple and effective, we love it! More info on this DIY: Twin dragonfly designs

A space man costume

Doodlecraft Using two plastic bottles covered with metallic paint, red and orange felt, a piece of cardboard and a strap, you will quickly be able to make this costume, ideal for a party under the theme of science fiction or space. More info on this DIY: Doodlecraft