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A bluish penthouse in California

A bluish penthouse in California

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Fully decorated by Sayre V. Ziskin studios, this Californian penthouse is a real cocoon. Adorned with blue and noble materials, it can only make you want. Visit.

Immaculate cuisine

SVZ Interior Design With its multiple storage spaces and its pretty marble bar, the kitchen, all dressed in white, manages to hide modern, tone-on-tone furniture. Clever, the cupboards and accessories blend into the immaculate white.

A sober dining room

SVZ Interior Design A minimalist painting hanging on the wall, a long white lacquered table and pretty black leather seats. A simple and effective decoration for this design and contemporary dining room. We keep the red on the wall which gives a touch of original color, very first degree.

A bright space

SVZ Interior Design Thanks to the beautiful black steel windows, this penthouse has all the elements to be able to enjoy the Californian sun.

The parental suite

SVZ Interior Design Also very bright, the master suite is no exception to the predominant color of the penthouse.

The TV corner

SVZ Interior Design In the television corner of the bedroom, one of the walls is adorned with a pretty deep blue. The TV screen then blends into the wall, a good way of not emphasizing it too much.

Blue to the end of the sheets

SVZ Interior Design To play the blue card to the end, the Sayre V. Ziskin studios have chosen beautiful patterned sheets which match perfectly with the gray quilted velvet headboard.

The guest room

SVZ Interior Design In the guest bedroom, the wall is adorned with a beautiful deep gray to highlight the headboard and the dark blue sheets. Discreet, the bedside lamp catches the eye with its geometric base and the eggplant lampshade.

Marble, marble

SVZ Interior Design With the exception of the vanity unit, the entire bathroom has been covered with a beautiful gray marble which is reminiscent of that of the open kitchen bar.

The terrace

SVZ Interior Design On the terrace, the blue of the sky keeps the exterior of this Californian penthouse themed. * Source: Sayre V. Ziskin Interior design *